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Property - Essay Example

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Property is an important asset that plays a critical role in the economic development of an individual or an organization. It is the platform on which important economic activities are performed. On another dimension, property is also termed as real estate wherein emphasis is laid on providing housing to the population depending on their purchasing powers…
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Extract of sample "Property"

Download file to see previous pages It is in this scenario that the concept of property development & management comes into the picture, which provides the developer with a rigid framework for the effective development of a property.
The present report will evaluate the viability of developing a small office site in a suburban London town location. All along, the report will concentrate on the information gathered on the property and will attempt to assess the viability of developing the property based on a series of valuations, funding proposals and elevations of the completed scheme. The report will initially consider, outline and assess the various important factors that will influence the decision to build and develop the property. The report therefore, would emphasize on planning the development of the property in the context of urban development, construction, quantity surveying, and design & property development.
The report would then list out all the factors governing the development of the small office site and would proceed with discussing the development appraisal that was initiated as a major constituent of the property development scheme and will also model the cash flow involved. Therefore, the report would evaluate the viability of the small office site property development proposal on the whole.
The concept of property development especially with regards to commercial spaces has been a subject of constant debate and a plethora of literature is available in this regard. Among the literature available, major topics of discussion have been focusing on evaluating commercial property sites on the basis of nearness to the target customer base & urban centres, location of transport facilities, the government legislation and the political situation etc. The current section will aim to outline the basic set of factors that were currently prevalent at the small office cite in suburban London.
The first and the foremost factor that influenced the development of the small office site were the availability of the land, and the presence of other critical facilities. Even though the land was available, it was important to assess whether the quality of the soil was good enough for construction purposes. A civil engineer who conducted surveys of the land and certified that the proposed site was suitable evaluated the land. In addition it was also important to determine the nearness of the property to hotels and cafeterias for the purposes of the employees who would be working in the office site. It was additionally important to determine the availability of drinking water in the area. Fortunately, the area was quite populated and as such, both these needs were not a problem at all. The area was abundant with hotels and the local water department ensured a constant supply of clean drinking water. Thus, the prime concern under the property development scheme was to assess the proposed site for its physical suitability for development.
The next major consideration under this was to dig into the legal restrictions of the area. This was important as certain areas had a different pattern of construction norms and adhering to the law of the land was extremely important. For this, the help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Property law

... of the property revised to the existing owners alive and not to the heir as spelt out in the will. This means that with Barney as the surviving owner, the actual owner of the piece of land was Barney and not Opie. In effect, Opie did not have the right to use the property as collateral, and the lender did not have legal possession in the property for foreclosure to take effect. Generally, foreclosure is applicable because foreclosure applies as a legal right given to a mortgage holder, who in this case was the lender to take total possession of the property or sell the property out so as to use the proceeds to pay an outstanding debt (Alfredo, 2012). The lender therefore had no covering for this as he had used a property...
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Property law

... that provides that if one tenant passes away, the rest of the property goes to those who survive them (Hinkel, 2012). According to joint tenancy, Andy and Barney owned the same interest in the whole property with an equal share and the estate was vested for the period of their lifetime. In addition, both Andy and Barney enjoyed similar rights until one passed away. Under the right of survivorship, when Andy died, the remainder of the entire property was automatically transferred to Barney. However, there could be a catch since it is not clear whether Barney had recorded an affidavit as to the death of Andy. It is true that, upon the death of Andy, Barney had the right of survivorship that ensured Barney got the title to the entire property...
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...a marketing opportunity. Licensing of properties is categorized into; technology licenses, trademark and merchandise licenses and publish and entertainment licenses. Licensing mainly involves trade secrets and patents. The sharia or Islamic law has several sources like the Quran, the Sunna and others. The aspect of property licensing and protection of property is considered on three aspects: property, contract, and public interest. To establish a law one should be able to point at a verse in the Quran, a tradition or Hadith of the prophet Muhammad. The license under property law Property rights are intangible; they cannot be seen or...
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Property Development

... of a case example the paper will mainly highlight the merits of traditional residual valuation approach over other valuation methods. Property Valuation Property valuation and different property valuation techniques has been a subject of intense discussion between researchers, academicians and developers. Different approaches to property valuation have been widely contested between different stakeholders. The issue of property appraisal often takes socio-political color due to the range of stakeholders directly affected by the process. According to Williams and Ventolo (2001, p-65), market value means the most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale...
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Property valuation

... the tower, the tube station, and the offices in its immediate vicinity). Canary Wharf is London's financial district. Businesses located in Canary Wharf include: Citibank, Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank and HSBC. Businesses from other industries, such as BP and Reuters, have also located in the area, but it is still dominated by the financial sector. This means that a significant proportion of the residents of E14 work in the financial sector, and earn high wages. It also means that the types of property here are predominantly new properties (built after the regeneration in 1981) designed for young executives rather than families."1 Average Monthly Rent in London ( The above table shows the average...
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Property Management depth. Rather, it will focus on the commonalities in the practice of private individuals with rental properties that are being independently managed, with some digression into emerging trends and their relevance in today's real property economy, especially in the light of the current economic and environmental challenges. Property Management is a hot topic among modern real estate managers who are entrusted with the profitable care of any residential, commercial or industrial real estate in most modern cities and states around the world. Since the 1800's, effective and professional Property Management has been in demand, with the arrival of steel-frame buildings...
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Property Law

... of this property should be distributed in equal shares. She argued that as there was no discussion on the financial issues, although she had inferred that the sales proceedings would be equally shared for beneficial ownership. Mr Hiscock appealed that there has been no discussion on intended shares so Ms Oxley's presumption should be displaced. This case shows the extent to which cohabitation could be considered as a condition for equally distributed shares in property being considerably important within property law and analysis of equity and trusts. Trust law falls under the broader topic of property law and family law and relates to wills, trusts and property that are shared or distributed. The importance of this case of Oxley v Hiscock...
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...which are close to buildings, drains are running along rear elevation (wall) of building, the manhole covers are evident, and leaking water in approximate position of line of supply to the adjoining property. Although he is the sole owner of Ivy House, he did have a long-term girlfriend for fifteen (15) years, Miss Chandra, who lived with him in the said house. She gave up her council house tenancy at his request and put all her savings (including money inherited from her mother) into improving the Ivy House updating the standards and making it a valuable property. Mr. Crane has done or paid for basic maintenance ever since but did not introduce improvements to it. When Miss Chandra left him, she didn’t...
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Intellectual Property

...of protection, ending with a claim to protection for the invention substantially as described (Groves, 2011). References Aplin, T. F., & Davis, J. (2013). Intellectual property law: Text, cases, and materials. Bouchoux, D. E. (2009). Intellectual property for paralegals: The law of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cenage Learning. Brad, Sherman; Lionel Bently (1999). The making of modern intellectual property law: the British experience, 1760–1911. Cambridge University Press. p. 207. ISBN 9780521563635. Burk, Dan L. and Mark A. Lemley (2009). The Patent Crisis and How the Courts Can Solve It. University of Chicago Press. ISBN...
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Intellectual Property an effort to promote creativity and overall socio-economic growth in the country. 3. List the state, regional, national and/or global laws/ordinances/treaties already in place regarding the particular issues in this case. (hint: Intellectual Property Chapter of textbook) -U.S. Copyright Law and Policy - U.S. Copyright Office -U.S. Patent Laws and Regulations - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Step I. Understanding the situation A. List and number the relevant facts, check whether the fact is an ethics or legal issue, identify potential harm. Fact : Intellectual property right is significant in promoting creativity which in turn requires protection. Ethical:...
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Intellectual Property Law and Copyright

We need copyright reform that will answer the needs of copyright holders and users of copyrighted material that will be satisfying to both parties.
The Internet has revolutionized the availability of information and legal boundaries of the digital property have been subject to increasing uncertainty in a knowledge-based economy.1 In a digital environment, with free availability of information and the facility for easy duplication of copyrighted material, it is becoming increasingly difficult to clearly demarcate the extent of copyright protection and the legislative and contractual dimensions of intellectual property.2, On the one hand, are the rights of the owner of the copyrighted material to economic exploitation of his wo...
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Intellectual Property Law in Entertainment Business

... musicians and those involved in the music business, there are fundamental problems and issues raised upon close examination of the said law. This paper is aimed at critically examining the significance of the Intellectual Property Law as it applies to music. The first half of the paper is a presentation of the copyright law, trade mark law, the law of passing off, and the law of confidentiality. In the second half, the author brings to light the practical and philosophical problems with the law as it pertains to the musician. The Law and Music Musicians and songwriters are individuals who thrive on creativity, originality and artistry. Not everyone seems to be endowed with the capacity to write good songs and compose good melodies...
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The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Australia

Security is of primary concern to people living in new small townships that are mushrooming all over Australia under the impact of rapid urbanization and high-density population. While architects are seen taking a proactive role in property development, others are cutting across traditional routines and creating a new role for themselves as designer-developers.

Architects, property developers, and town planners here in Australia see the true picture of the international partnership developed between these three key players in property development abroad and are now trying to implement them here. Despite differences, these players are working in unison to create world-class infrastructures.
“The economic and d...
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Equitable Interest in the Property and the Land Law

On a preliminary basis, it would appear that due to the provisions of the Land Registration Act of 2002, Neville will have no claim on the estate at all, since his interests have not been registered and the title was vested only in Harry, Ton and Hermoine – all of which was transferred to Hermoine and then to the new owner, Draco.

However, in the case of Re 139 High Street, Deptford2, it was established that there had been a mistake in the conveyancing transaction and that one annexe on the property actually did not belong to the registered owner, who was the legal owner of the land. The owner of the annexe then asked for the register to be amended and this was done accordingly, in recognition of his interest beca...
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Property Investment Analysis

The Red Book valuation figures offer useful guidance on valuation, however they contain overlapping material from diverse sources. The Mallinson Report has identified the need for the RICS to publish a single, comprehensive and user friendly source of standards for valuers and establish a single point of coordination in the institution’s delivery of valuation services. The Report also states that the information provided needs to be more specific so that it place more specific further education demands on valuers. Additionally, there must be additional power provided to the Institution to investigate problem cases and take disciplinary action when it becomes necessary, despite the possibility of courts exerting a restricting...
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Criteria for Selecting a Property

...of property to accommodate the church must commensurate the number of people in the church and the finance they are capable of raising to buy the church premises. We need a church for 600-700 people. We are located in a busy suburb of a very large city. Ideally, we may settle for a hall that accommodates around a 1000 people. The hall could be located in a commercial area or residential place. The strength is in the cost because it is affordable. It is close to the houses of most members. If we get the complete floor in a commercial complex, we also get privacy. The weaknesses are that we will not have the church hall completely to ourselves. We will have to observe the rules and regulations of the commercial society...
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The Legal Principles Applicable to Co-Ownership of Property

... the weakest requirement4. The essence of this requirement is that each of the joint tenants must vest at the same time5. The use of the trust has become more common to circumvent this requirement and it is questionable whether unity of time is now a relevant requirement in the modern co-ownership model6. In applying these principles to the current scenario, all three parties bought the Property together in 1995 and the Property was registered in the joint names of the three of them, with no declaration of beneficial interests. The purpose was to get on the property ladder with all three living in the Property. Accordingly, the requirements of unity of possession, time, title and interest have been satisfied and as such, all four parties...
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Property Left Behind

..., and Adam Winsler. "Family Income, School Attendance, And Academic Achievement In Elementary School." Developmental Psychology 50.3 (2014): 741-753. PsycARTICLES. Web. 16 Nov. 2014 This article is highlights the impact of the family income on the attendance and the educational achievement of a students. Children form low income families tend to attend school less frequent, and attain low academic achievements as compared to children form well off families. Works Cited Bogin, Alexander, and Phuong Nguyen-Hoang. "Property Left Behind: An Unintended Consequence Of A No Child Left Behind Failing School Designation." Journal Of Regional Science 54.5 (2014): 788-805. Business Source Premier. Web. 16 Nov. 2014.
10 Pages(2500 words)Assignment
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