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MILITARY PAY SYSTEMS - Research Proposal Example

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The military is a major arm of the government;it is an organization that is endowed with the sole and sensitive function of providing internal and external security.A vital area of research under the military pay system would be general rather than specific…
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Download file to see previous pages DATA ANALYSIS AND REPORT l. APPENDICES AND REFERENCES Time schedule Resources needed Personnel Assurances /Clearances Questionnaire/ survey/interview A COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF MILITARY PAY SYSTEMS a. INTRODUCTION The military is a major arm of the government; it is an organization that is endowed with the sole and sensitive function of providing internal and external security of the country. A vital area of research under the military pay system would be general rather than specific. The research is therefore concerned with addressing the military pay in a diverse perspective: the structural make up of the system; how the structure operates; accountability; and responsibility of the system. Also, all the issues that impact the overall system will be addressed by the research undertaking; under issues, gender and military will be addressed, military and crime, recruitment in the military and their salary schemes including other relevant issues. It is these kinds of motivations and urge to find out that have propelled the urge to find out about the military pay system. This study will lead to the development of strategies to help deal with the challenges depicted (Neuman 2009). This is to ensure that the future benefits realized from the system are maximized for the future generations. Research on Military pay is also because there is tremendous transformation in the socio-economic sector. The socio-economic changes have severely affected the stakeholders in the military by causing severe stress due to the culture and the social make up of the society. This has lead to the creation and sustained social crimes like rape, murder, and economic vices in the military. Therefore, this research project is towards seeking, exploring and investigating/finding out the following: To examine the extent to which the military pay systems and structures have influenced the economy of the country. To identify and evaluate the areas which require change and restructuring for efficiency. To assess the impacts of the changes affected ones they are in position. The evaluation here seeks towards finding a sustainable solution for the military pay tribulations. b. PROBLEM STATEMENT Military officers are an important asset to any country hence must be accorded all the assistance they need in order to perform their work efficiently. The research is hence seeks to find out why there is never enough compensation to the military for the work they do and the risk they expose themselves to. The relevant expected risks shall be identified and advocacy plus awareness be shouted to the government that they will never be in the position to provide enough compensation for the risks that the military are engaged (Neuman 2009). Those seeking to join the forces will also have enough knowledge and facts to make a basis before deciding to join the forces or not. c. RESEARCH RATIONALE The problem is that the compensation is never enough and the reason therefore has a fundamental task of finding why this is so; the major reasons behind this fact. This research is also towards finding out about the nature and magnitude of the risks and tries proposing a compensation that if given to the service men would be closer to substituting the risks that they face in the course of discharging their duties (Financial Friendly fire 2006). The research requires a dissection into the roles of the study and can only be determined using qualitative approach of data collection and analysis; this will be done through collection of information from a varied group of persons in the military identified through random selection, topics to be discussed with them is as well got randomly. The methods of investigation entail ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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