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Women have a history of participating in the military affairs as far as 3,000 years ago. In the military, the women have played various functions from the ancient warrior women to currently serving in combat…
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Women study final
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Download file to see previous pages In American, at least one member of the family has served in the armed forces. In the U.S military, women have been involved since the 17th century. Their core duties were nursing, mending clothes, cooking, and performing laundry duties. During Second World War, the women worked in the shipyards while the men were drafted for active duty overseas. Currently, the American armed forces have numerous positions that are open to women. The women serve in various positions in the U.S military, including pilots, drivers, mechanics, drivers, household supplies, and communication specialists among others. The U.S government has invested heavily in the military. More women have enlisted in the American armed forces. The increase of women in the male-dominated military has resulted in some people to question the social-cultural impacts of the role of women in the military. The military is considered as a society in its own. It is guided by the societal guidelines just like the civilian society. Therefore, either politically, economically, or socio-culturally, the military is a crucial U.S institution. To that effect, the paper will discuss the social and cultural issues of having women in the military.
Culture is regarded as the total sum of a person’s way of life. Culture may also refer to representation that has relative autonomy from the political and social domains. In this regard, the gender roles that have been assigned to women and men have been structurally and culturally determined. As a result, it has led to the creation, reinforcement, and perpetuation of relationships of male dominance along with female subordination (Njogu and Orchadson-Mazrui 2). By 2010, the female figures comprised of 14.6 percent of the military personnel. There are fewer military women who serve in the army in contrast to men at 37 percent and 40 percent, respectively. Even though there are more women in the Air ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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