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Education - Classroom Management Systems - Assignment Example

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Education - Classroom Management Systems

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Download file to see previous pages Reinforcement: discuss with students the importance of having a quiet and orderly environment in which to hear each other's ideas and questions; give praise to students to who exhibit the behavior, calling them by name and saying specifically what is being praised. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? room Management Roy Killen (2006) emphasized the constructivist teaching strategy is –based. The teacher’s lesson speed is based on the students’ culture, or diversity in terms of absorbing the class lessons. On the other hand, the behaviorist approach is behavior focused. The constructivist teaching strategy is a better strategy in terms of lesson absorption. In terms of the constructivist classroom organization environment, the classroom is divided into the lesson proper, oral recitation, and quizzes. During the lesson proper, the students are allowed to ask clarification questions on topics that are vague or too complex for the young minds to comprehend. The students are tasked to be actively involved in the learning process... . The...
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CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT the students will eventually lead them towards interacting with other students and thus they can acquire the knowledge about the importance of group performance. The periodic assessment of the activities which are performed by the students would assist the teachers in tracking the academic performance as well as in developing the behavior of the students by a significant level (Nair, 2011). References (2009). Learning Centers. Retrieved from Nair, T. (2011). Classroom behavior charts. Retrieved from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. (2009). Strategies for...
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... Optimal Classroom Environment Classroom environment refers to all he physical, emotional, and social conditions that are essential for effective and efficient learning process (Fraser, 2012). According to various researchers, optimal classroom environment is an essential feature in successful educational achievements for the students ranging from those that have no disability and those with disabilities. However, more concentration should be put in place for the class environment of the disabled students. There are a number of aspects that determine the value and effectiveness of the classroom environment such as the physical environment, rules and...
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...TEACHING AND ROOM MANAGEMENT IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Introduction Teaching is a very noble and respected profession in a society and religious teaching is even more sacred than any other thing in the universe. The teachers who are involved in religious education (RE) are looked with great respect and they are given a special status in society. They are the people who make a child a human being. Parents take the baby to the earth from heaven but teacher takes the child back to the heavens of knowledge and dignity. So, teaching of RE in the classroom is a noble cause and people who dedicated their lives to it are appreciable. Religious Education (RE) The RE is the establishment of the faith and responsiveness to the presence of God... more...
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...Education Management Systems (GEMS) Work Preference Indicator Getting an opportunity to work in an environment that meets ones abilities and interests is an unique situation (GEMS, n.d.). As a student I have always been involved with the adventure sports, youth expedition groups and also supported the state administration for drug control as a volunteer for their awareness creation programmes. Currently, being a commando with the peacekeeping force, I enjoy this duty available to me to ensure peace and equality as my career mission. The present operations in Iraq, where I am posted, clearly symbolize a real life situation of my earlier above-mentioned younger days. The task assigned is primarily to man the communication systems... Management ...
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Classroom Management learning anything else. It is not necessary that all the students get it right in the first time and in the first class. References: Barrow, Giles. Walking the talk : how transactional analysis is improving behaviour and raising self-esteem. London, UK : David Fulton, 2004. Beykont, Zeynep F. The power of culture : teaching across language difference. Cambridge, MA : Harvard Education Pub. Group, 2002. Campbell-Rush, Peggy. Tricks of the trade : in & out of the classroom. Peterborough, NH : Crystal Springs Books, 2001. Dean, Joan. Subject leadership in the primary school : a practical guide for curriculum coordinators. London, UK : David Fulton, 2003. Cangelosi, James S....
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Classroom Management management illustrates the progression of ensuring that teaching and impartation of knowledge is undisturbed by undesired who through disruptive behavior can cause disturbance while a class is in session. Application of management in a classroom at times can prove to be intricate while trying to teach and experiencing such crisis can cause teachers to depart. The reason behind for the departure of teachers from the teaching field is caused by the attitudes and discipline of the negative students. Classroom management can be based on motivation, discipline and respect. The approaches adopted by every teacher may vary from situation to situation in...
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...that, some tragic incidences and disasters are manmade and occurs owing to human ignorance and negligence. Students should be responsible, for instance they should report on damaged sockets, naked wires, and other incidences that may deem dangerous. Appropriateness of the routines on fire and disaster drills These routines will be beneficial to the students, the school, and the entire society. This is due to the fact that, the routines equips the students with sufficient skills on disaster preparedness and mitigation. Works Cited Colvin, Geoffrey and Lazar, Mark. The effective elementary classroom. Longmont, CO: Sopris West, 1997. Emmer, Edmund., Evertson, Carolyn., and Worsham, Mary. Classroom...
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Classroom Management management is the first challenge many new teachers face. Good room management cerates and educational environment that invited and encourages good behavior and learning. There are three key element sot my personal philosophy of classroom management. I believe that if these are followed, students will engage in meaningful learning instead of disruptive behaviors. Two of the elements focus on prevention of behaviors and one will focus on handling disruptions. Planning is the first key to positive classroom management. Students that are actively engaged in learning do not have time to become disruptive. Keeping...
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Classroom management Brown is a qualitative research study, which seeks to determine whether the classroom management strategies used by “thirteen urban educators” teaching in k-12 grades reflects the “research on culturally responsive teaching” (2004: 266). The participants revealed that they use various strategies and techniques in order to understand the disposition of each of their pupil. Through the collective response of all the participants, the study gathers that teachers can gain student’s cooperation their classrooms by first establishing a positive atmosphere where they understand the different needs of students from different cultural as well as ethnic backgrounds. The article...
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