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Debates On Student Discipline: Understanding Behavior - Essay Example

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With the advent of changes in teaching methods, methods of discipline have also changed. Where before teachers had more power of control over their pupils through what are now abhorrent practices, now it seems to be going too far the other way in permissiveness…
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Debates On Student Discipline: Understanding Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages The locus of control is either internal or external and depends upon the individual which one is stronger. If an individual believes that his life is controlled by external circumstances (cause and effect), then he will be subject to making choices in terms of what is the prevailing quality of the environment. Conversely, if an individual believes that his life is controlled by his choices and decisions, he will exert control from within.
A person who has an internal locus of control will see that a personal failure is due to a lack of preparation or a poor decision, while a person with an external locus of control will see the same failure as bad luck or other external factors (Marsh, K. L., & Weary, G. 1995, p. 381).
While a dominant internal locus of control has shown to be not only more desirable to have, people with it tend to be more successful in life, attaining higher paying jobs. What then, can be done from a behavioral approach to encourage a more internal locus of control in the classroom And is such encouragement needed
In terms of schooling, it seems very straightforward that preparation equals success, in this case studying for an exam. The success of the results is directly related to preparedness, which involves internal locus of control. On the other hand, a student who fails a test and did not prepare adequately may blame the teacher for giving an unfair test or an unfair grade, as a result of external locus of control.
Since these loci are critical to the direction our lives take and the quality of our well being, it is important to understand them and address them in a balanced manner while teaching all students.

Debate On Goals Of Discipline

Discipline in the classroom is critical for learning, but the methods of encouraging or imposing discipline are what come to question. What is the real goal of discipline Ultimately, it is to achieve cooperation of the student. Cooperation implies order, and order implies discipline. Achieving and maintaining order is, for a teacher, critical.
Now we come to the crux of the matter concerning the goal of discipline: Do we want the students to learn, or simply to be orderly in the classroom even if they are not learning
Obviously, school is a big influence on children in terms of forming a sense of self outside of the family, learning to adapt to changing circumstances, how to behave socially and how to absorb and demonstrate the knowledge of information. It is a complicated environment, especially in today's society where the children in the classroom did not know each other prior to school by having been born and raised in close proximity. When family influences and circumstances embodied by the students encounter each other in the environment of the classroom, behavioral disorder can certainly be expected. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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