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Attendance and Discipline Referrals - Research Paper Example

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School education plays a profound role in the growth and development of a child. The school is the basic education that a child gets after leaving mother’s protective and early learning environment. The children tend to deviate from learning in a disciplined environment and thus, become incompetent and are unable to grow intellectually and morally. …
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Attendance and Discipline Referrals
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Download file to see previous pages Literature Review Johnson and Lampley (2010) undertook a research to examine LISTEN (Linking Individual Students to Educational Needs) which is the mentoring program used at schools for identification of students at risk. The study adopted examination of LISTEN to evaluate its performance objectives and outcomes. LISTEN being a school program was sponsored by the district of East Tennessee to provide mentoring services to the students who need it the most. Johnson and Lampley (2010) took hold of the academic data from 2003-2005 to determine the post implementation effects of LISTEN on the grade 6 to 8 students. The study in detail focused on the relationship of discipline referrals, GPAs and attendance records of the students at risk. The study found that there was a clear difference between the rates of attendance, discipline referrals and the GPAs in pre and post implementation of LISTEN. This means that the students who are at risk need a mentoring program that can help them resolve the problem of absenteeism and discipline referrals which eventually leads to improved GPAs. Sowell (2012) undertook a study to evaluate the relationship of school uniforms with the school attendance, achievement and discipline. The study used a causal and comparative study research design to determine the relationship. It collected data from the two high schools in the South West Georgia. One of the school had school uniforms as a compulsory element of education whereas the other did not have such restrictions. The study found that the school with uniforms had better attendance rate as well as fewer infractions of behavior as compared to the school without uniform. These schools...
The paper focused on the influence of absenteeism and discipline referrals on the academic achievement of special students to understand the factors that greatly attract them towards absenteeism. It found that the special and disabled students are not involved in discipline referrals however, they tend to show absenteeism and lead to low academic achievement. The special schools implement models that encourage the students to remain regular and full on attendance. Thus, the factors like encouragement activities and regular programs motivate the special students to remain regular and active in their classes. The study showed that the students perform better when they undertake creative and active participation. Furthermore, the study found that the use of uniforms also encourages the students to attend the class and achieve higher grades in their academic career. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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