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Classroom Management and Gender Differences - Essay Example

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The aim of the essay “Classroom Management and Gender Differences” is to analyze classroom Management, which is a term that has a vast definition. It may mean the management of the physical settings and the occupants of the classroom by a teacher who decides what instructions are to be imparted…
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Classroom Management and Gender Differences
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Download file to see previous pages The management of classrooms is therefore a dynamic task and it is affected by several factors, prominent among them being the gender of the teacher as well as of the students. Several studies have focused on assessing effective management of classroom and its relationship with gender. There are several factors that lead to the influence of gender in dynamics of the classroom and in the management of the classrooms. The role of gender is prominently seen to be active in two ways. One is the perception of  the students about the difference in teaching and managing ability of teachers of different genders. Conversely, it is also noteworthy to discuss if teachers belonging to different genders, indeed manage the classroom differently.
Secondly, and more acutely, it is the different in the perception with which the teachers view and apprise their students based on the student’s gender. As a result of these gender related perceptions, the teachers, at times, adopt discriminating attitudes towards their girl and boy students. This invariably result in the manifestation of behavior on the part of the teachers that might be debilitating to some sections of the class. As a classroom setting is extremely crucial for the development of a student, any problems that result due to the partial attitude of teachers should be avoided.
The impact of gender related issues on classroom management and studies, that arise due to the gender of teachers or of students,  is being increasingly recognized by educators world over. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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