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Domestic terrorism and international terrorism - Essay Example

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Terrorism can be defined as the use of threats and at some times actual violence in the pursuit of political goals. According to Paul Johnson terrorist have three elements which include: Terrorist believe that their goals are the most important and through this believe they reject all other means of achieving their goals…
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Domestic terrorism and international terrorism
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Extract of sample "Domestic terrorism and international terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages These are their major source of finance to their activities.
Internet has enhanced the occurrence of domestic terrorism, the internet has become a source of information enhancing the occurrence of identity theft which is used by terrorist group to engage in their criminal activities, information collected include individuals information, bank credit information and credit card information. The internet has also been used to lure innocent citizens into frauds where individuals are asked to pay for certain services or goods and as a result they are fraud off their money.
The intervention which includes monitoring activities in the web by the authorities will be an effective way to counter terrorism. However this may result into leaking of organisations information that may lead to losses by these organisations. When there exists a monitoring device in the internet then there will be leaking of company information to its competitors or even to speculators which may lead to loss of funds.
Therefore the best way to strike a balance is to monitor only suspicious information on the web mostly from regions that are suspected to have terrorist groups, there exist such monitoring systems but they were banned by the US government but the best would be to install a system that tracks conversations that include key words used by the terrorist groups. Organisational information therefore should not be monitored to avoid financial losses as a result of information leak. Therefore the federal should be empowered to monitor information regarding suspicious groups and not for the organisations.
Funding of domestic terrorism
Terrorist groups will involve themselves in criminal activities to fund their operations, they have an advantage in involving in criminal activity in that they gain finances and at the same time they endanger the societies that they target through these activities. The other reason is that the criminal activities the terrorist involve in are hard for the judicial system to solve and prove. Some of the criminal activities that terrorist will engage in include:
Drug trafficking:
Drug trafficking is an activity that the terrorist involve in order to finance their activities, initially the terrorist groups were funded by the soviet union but after its collapse drug trafficking become a major source of finance.
Identity theft:
Identity theft is one of the most recent means in which terrorist use to finance their activities, this has emerged with the emergence of the internet and computer software which have made it easier to retrieve peoples information, and this has enabled the terrorist to steal people's identity which have resulted to financial scams which provide finances to the terrorist groups.
Cigarette smuggling
This is also a means by which terrorist groups will use in gaining finances, cigarettes are smuggled from low tax regions to regions whereby individuals will buy large quantities of cigarettes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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