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Issues on Terrorism - Essay Example

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The works of terrorism has gone a long way from small to large-scale. It has reflected certain ability that created threats, anxiety, intense actions and vigorous decisions among the world's nations. After the September 11, 2001 mass destruction of terrorists in United States of America, Bush administration was faced with risks and uncertainties…
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Issues on Terrorism
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Extract of sample "Issues on Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages The administration tried hard to get as much support from all countries all over the world againts terrorism, the same way that they were preventive to declare war, which if pursued, is expected to affect other muslim regions.
Persons that are socially alienated, "drop outs" of the society, unemployed and those with less attainment in education are those who often join and become terrorists out their boredom, desires for adventure, with motivations to use special skills, such as production of bombs and high level interest in religious and political pursuit (Hudson, 1999, p 24-25). Note that, Al Queda existed as a network at the same time as a large organizational structure of salafist majahedin terrorist.
On the basis of the ideals to defend muslim community, expectedly, Muslim men from all over the world may join the militant jihad, particularly those who have implanted within themselves hatred and oversees that the influence of western countries as well as their allies pose threat to their areas of jurisdiction Norton and Company, 2004). More than a propaganda, social bonds contribute to mujahedin recruitment. As reported by Professore Sageman from University of Pennsylvania, 70% of the recruited terrrorists have travelled abroad and were from outside their native land. Recruitment begins through social networking formed at the mosque. Individuals may also seek to join other local or other groups. The recruited candidates for Al Queda may be trained in the camps of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The recruitment is not based on the number of recruits but the quality of the newly recruited members. Additional new members of the group may be recruited from other jihad groups whose goal are limited only to their respective organization. Moreover, Al Queda has the chance to recruit experts hire services as well, intended for their planned mission or operation.
Sources of Revenue
The notable characteristics of the group's leaders are their ability to network and obtain funds. Some of them are able to finance, like Osama bin Ladin. Their associates who constitute also the committees, are the heads of the military, political, financial, security, foreign purchase and information. According to one study of the United Nations, Al Queda gave Jemaah Islamiah $ 130,000 for 1996-2001 and additional cost of $ 200,000 for the operations beginning 2000. Main sources of revenue are derived from illegal activities such as drug, counterfeiting, weapon, forgery, kidnapping,
Issues on Terrorism 3
charitable donations, businesses and many more ( Aboul-Enein, 2003). In addition, Al
Queda also have collaborative relationship with wealthy Zakat Sponsors, charity fronts,
businesses and also money laundering banks (Brisard, 2002, p 7). Furthermore, example of a financial supporter of the group, is a charity founded by brother in law of Osama, International Relation and Information Center.
It was confirmed by the US officials that ample finances of Al Queda and other organizations under its umbrella originate from loyal Baathists, charities, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues on Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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