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Domestic Terrorism Master - Essay Example

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There are no known operational links between domestic terrorist groups and al international terrorist groups, but monitoring organizations have noted that both American right-wing extremists and Islamist militants spread similar theories about Jews, Freemasons, and other groups conspiring to control the world…
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Domestic Terrorism Master Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Both domestic and international terror groups have the same enemies both terrorists group enemy is the government as these terrorist groups usually consist of the oppressed class, and this class feels that it is the government's fault that they do not get their fair share. Thus the government is the common enemy of both the terrorist groups.
A good example of domestic terrorism is that Various recent events, most particularly the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in April, 1995, thus proving the fact that Organized extremist/terrorist groups of particular concern with regard to their abilities to recruit from, and exist within the United States armed services have historically been racist and/or anti-government in character. (
Terrorist have started to use the in two ways. The First and most common way is that, the Internet has developed into a forum through which both terrorist groups and individual terrorists can spread their intense and influential messages of hate and violence far and wide. Through this fast developing forum they can also communicate with one another and with those who show sympathy towards them. The Second way in which terrorist use the internet for their terrorism is that, individuals as well as groups have attempted to make an attack on a lot of computer networks, as well as those on the Internet this is called cyber terrorism or cyber warfare.
At present, terrorists proffer to use the Internet for their purposes more than they are attacking it. At least twelve of the thirty groups on the State Department's list of selected foreign terrorist organizations keep Web sites on the Internet. Whereas U.S. officials strongly believe that a number of terrorists use encrypted E-mail to plan their evil acts of terrorism, the majority of groups seem to use the Internet so that they can spread their propaganda all around the world.
Good number Internet sites of terrorist groups seek to promote the organization's political and ideological agenda. A good example is of this is that directly after the Peruvian terrorist group Tupac Amaru broke into the Japan's Ambassador's residence which was in Lima as well as apprehended scores of diplomatic, political and military officials hostage in December 1996, sympathizers of Tupac Amaru in who were citizens of U.S. and Canada developed quite a lot of solidarity Internet sites, one of the sites even had comprehensive drawings of the terrorists' plan of assault on the residence of the Japanese Ambassador's.
When most of the free and English speaking world thinks of the word enemy, a warrior dressed assassin or foreign solder from a communist country usually comes to mind. Enlisted soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who fight tirelessly to defend our country see the enemy as that exactly. Unfortunately, there is a new enemy threatening our way of life. This enemy attacks through e-mail messages and internet connections. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Domestic Terrorism Master Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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