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MIH 521 Health Program Evaluation (Module 1 CBT) - Essay Example

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Evaluation research is often used to determine the best way to solve a social problem or improve a set of social conditions. This type of research is often used by education, nursing and social services but is not the same as traditional social research. Many of the same types of methods are used but evaluation requires group skills that the usual social research does not (Wheeler, Wolfe, Vernon-Smiley, 2006)…
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MIH 521 Health Program Evaluation (Module 1 CBT)
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, it is thought to be important because it provides timely empirically-driven feedback that can influence policy and decision making (Eddy, 2007). There are many evaluation strategies used. The scientific experimental model is probably the most understood. In this type of evaluation, impartiality, accuracy, objectivity and validity become very important. These are traditionally quasi-experimental and experimental designs but may also include objective based, econometrically-oriented, and recently theory-driven evaluation.
There is also what is called management oriented systems models. The ones that we have seen used the most here are the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and the Critical Path Method (CPM). A third class of strategies includes qualitative /anthropological models. The phenomenological quality of the evaluation context and the subjective human interpretation are included here. This includes the grounded theories. Finally there are also the participant-oriented models. This group includes those studies that are client centered and have involvement from stakeholders (Eddy, 2007).
There are different methods of evaluating a health program, based on what is being evaluated. There are two that are the most popular and those are formative and summative evaluations. This further breaks down to evaluation types. The formative method includes such things as assessment, evaluability assessment, structured conceptualization, implementation evaluation and process evaluation. The summative method on the other hand includes outcome evaluations, impact evaluations, cost-effective and cost-benefit analysis, and meta-analysis.
There are then primary questions that are usually ask when doing an evaluation. If one is using the formative model, they may ask, "What is the definition and scope of the problem or issue, or what's the question" and if it is of the summative style, "What type of evaluation is feasible" Once the question is formulated, there is a planning evaluation cycle that takes place throughout the process. This is shown in figure 1 below.
An evaluation culture or the consistent use of evaluation is extremely important. It is important in both the designing and the re-evaluation of all health promotions. If health promotions are not evaluated, it is unknown as to whether or not they are meting the needs of the population that the promotion is for. It is important to know:
Is the program reaching the target group
Are the participants satisfied with the program
Are the activities of the program being implemented as planned
Are the materials and components of the activity of good quality
It is difficult to know the answers to any of these questions if an evaluation is not done.
In conclusion, evaluation research is important in the social and medical welfare of the public. It answers questions in a manner that allows the change of policy and process and pushes forward an implementation cycle. It helps in the understanding of whether there are alternative needs or whether the program is working. In healthcare of today, resources are very limited and those resources that are spent must be assured as being spent appropriately. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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