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The World Health Organization would like to see the chronic diseases in the world decreased. Diabetes is one of those chronic diseases. Hyperglycemia which is increased blood sugar leads to several common things if it is uncontrolled (who.int) Those include blindness, kidney disease, and peripheral vascular disease that leads to loss of limbs…
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MIH 521 Health Program Evaluation (Mod 2 CBT)
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Download file to see previous pages The goals of the diabetes program are to oversee the development and adoption of internationally agreed standards and norms, to promote and contribute to the surveillance of diabetes, is compilations and mortality, to contribute to the building capacity for the prevention and control of diabetes, to raise awareness and to act as an advocate for the prevention and control of the disease. With these goals in mind the experimental designs with pretest/posttest control group might be the best design to use. This would be because it would tell us if the people are learning anything from the program that has been developed.
The characteristics of this design according to (attc-ne.org) are that it is experimental with a random group which receive a pretest before and a post test after the information is given through the program. This particular design needs to use controls on all seven of the threats to validity which are, history, maturation, testing, instrumentation, selection, mortality, and statistical regression. There are issues, however with this design including the fact that it is very possible to get into difficulty with validity.
Stakeholders are also important here as they are in every study. ...
any in other countries, Africa for example, that are victims of the blindness as well as the renal disease and peripheral vascular disease and have little access to healthcare.
Chronic disease has become an issue all over the world and this creates stakeholders everywhere. This is a very expensive disease for all of the populations and the cost to each of the healthcare systems is tremendous. Worldwide, diabetes causes about 5% of the deaths every year. 80% of the people with diabetes live in low and middle income countries. Most of the people with diabetes in low and middle income countries are middle aged (45-64) and it is expected that deaths from diabetes will increase by 50% over the next 10 years (who.gov). This tells us of just a few of the stakeholders in this case.
Using Jung's grid to evaluate this program shows several thing. This program targets those people with hyperglycemia but it also targets those that do not. There is the hope that making people aware will allow prevention of the disease in the long run. There are clear goals and objectives as listed above and they are very specific to address the specific problem. The long and short term goals are noted and there are multiple worldwide strategies involved including partnering with governments of the countries most in need and providing large amounts of education in an attempt to raise awareness. There is also a great deal of information provided on the internet at this time which includes a booklet on blindness and how to prevent that from happening and what dialysis is and how to try to prevent renal disease.
There is great health communication as noted above and resources available for the general public and for healthcare workers that are looking for supporting literature and statistics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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