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Health Program Evaluation: The Issue of Obesity Among Kids - Essay Example

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The goal of this essay is to highlight the problem of obesity among children and investigate how it could be addressed. The essay will assess the "Fit Kids" as a health program. The writer claims that programs like Fit Kids have a chance to turn this issue around before it is too late.  …
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Health Program Evaluation: The Issue of Obesity Among Kids
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"Health Program Evaluation: The Issue of Obesity Among Kids"

Download file to see previous pages These same problems cause difficulty in school and affect the level of the job held because of education. Therefore, there is a direct effect on the number that lives in poverty later in life (Kellow, 2010). Coronary heart disease becomes the number one cause of death. Healthy people 2010 made it one of the priorities to build programs that decrease the numbers of obese children. This led to Congress enacting money for Fit Kids. This paper will discuss Fit Kids as a health program.
Studies show that childhood obesity is caused by children taking in more calories than they are using. There are some genetic factors but scientists believe that the rise in obesity has happened too fast to be attributed to genetic factors (Reiley, 2001). This then is a disease attributed to increased calories and decreased activity.
The goal and mission statement for Fit Kids is "to motivate, teach and guide children to establish a solid foundation of sound nutrition and healthful lifestyle habits. " It must be remembered that health promotion is about health, not an illness so this is a great mission statement as it pertains to the health of the children and never mentions the obesity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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