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HEALTH PROGRAM EVALUATION (Impact Evaluation and Accountability SLP 4) - Research Paper Example

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For a project to be said to be working out either as intended or not, there must be elements of it that are subjected to measurable figures. Measurable…
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HEALTH PROGRAM EVALUATION (Impact Evaluation and Accountability SLP 4)
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Extract of sample "HEALTH PROGRAM EVALUATION (Impact Evaluation and Accountability SLP 4)"

Download file to see previous pages Measureable outcomes benefit the executers of a project in that they provide a foundation for evaluating the objectives sought out in the first place versus the reality and true picture of the impact on the ground (Dreher. M et al 2006). For this case, measurable outcomes could encompass both the desired and the undesired effects of a project. Measurable outcomes could either be quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative outcomes are measured in terms of how many, how much et cetera while qualitative outcomes could be expressed in terms of how well, how reliable, how successful e.t.c.
To find the number of children with neuro-developmental and related disabilitiesthat have been involved in court cases and in the process find the percentage of them that have been handled and concluded and those that are still pending in court. The percentage of the cases that have been concluded out of the total would provide the basis for knowing how fast and effective the justice system is in dealing with cases affecting such children.
Another measurable outcome arising out of the objectives is the extent to which literature around children with neuro-development disabilities has been researched. How well researched is the information that is in the public domain and could there be cases of poorly researched material in the public domain. In this case what could be the percentage of the material?
The third important factor to express as a measurable outcome is to identify how many members of the LEND group are knowledgeable in matters to do with children with neuro development disabilities. Again in this case one has to understand the highest level of knowledge that is present within the group and to what extent is this knowledge benefiting the group. Where applicable how many people should be trained in particular field by a given time.
The last measurable outcome as relates to the objectives identified above is to know the extent of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(HEALTH PROGRAM EVALUATION (Impact Evaluation and Accountability SLP 4) Research Paper)
HEALTH PROGRAM EVALUATION (Impact Evaluation and Accountability SLP 4) Research Paper.
“HEALTH PROGRAM EVALUATION (Impact Evaluation and Accountability SLP 4) Research Paper”, n.d.
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