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* A case study of the strategic management of information systems within an organisation or subset of an organisation - Essay Example

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Wastell (1999) argues that a number of technical, environmental, and organizational factors, not to mention software related ones, can mitigate…
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* A case study of the strategic management of information systems within an organisation or subset of an organisation
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Extract of sample "* A case study of the strategic management of information systems within an organisation or subset of an organisation"

Download file to see previous pages erence to numerous cases of such failure, ranging from software-related air traffic control disasters to the unmitigated failure of the London Ambulance Service experience, motivates Wastell to argue for the implementation of a specific set of operational requirements before sensitive industries, institutions and organisations are allowed to implement a software automation system (pp. 581-582). While the uninformed may find Wastell’s call quite extreme, a brief overview of the relevant failure-causal factors, provide ample justification for the stated. Prior to arguing that, however, a brief statement on the obstacles involved in the translation of theory into practice must be made. In other words, despite this being a mature organisation, the relative novelty of its IS structure and the unfamiliarity of emergency teams’ with the workings of the system, itself reflecting the failure of LAS’ IS department and manger, significantly contributed to the system’s failure.
Purvis et al. (2001) affirm that while the theoretical base and design of an information system may be relatively flawless, its implementation may result in costly failure consequent to the problematic nature of translating theory into practice (pp. 117-118). In essence, an Information System, such as that designed for the London Ambulance Service, may be mechanically flawless and, within the theoretical context, its implementation should enhance the efficiency of the processes involved in the execution of certain functions (p. 119). For greater clarification, one may draw attention to the fact that, in theory, the IS designed for the LAS was supposed to enhance dispatch efficiency and minimize request-response lag time. As Finkelstein and Dowell (n.d.) explain, with data on the location of ambulance and emergency medical teams, the system was supposed to automatically dispatch the nearest ambulance and team to the location specified in any 999 call (n.p.).
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