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Business Case Formulation for a successful SAP (ERP System) Implementation - Literature review Example

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More than often, areas of research study in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems remain wide because the system packages offered differ depending on the organizational needs. Most researches carried out in the recent past involve studies on the implementation approaches…
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Business Case Formulation for a successful SAP (ERP System) Implementation
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Extract of sample "Business Case Formulation for a successful SAP (ERP System) Implementation"

Download file to see previous pages Aladwani (2001) elucidates that, businesses are operating in environments that are undergoing continuous experiences of dynamic changes and as a result, many organizations are striving hard to remain competitive. Nonetheless, the changes pose challenges for most companies as they focus on improving their business practices and procedures, as a way of maintaining a strategic influence in the competitive market using the current forms of information systems. More significantly, the advancements have seen organizations adapt support information systems with advanced operations that include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which enhance companies maximization of strategic management of its resources by allowing maximum potential use of diverse enterprise systems that suit the organizational needs (Peffers, Gengler & Tuunanen, 2003).
In most cases, the ERP systems implemented are based on the extensive knowledge of the industry, readily usable assets besides proven ERP processes, strategies and technologies. Kerimo & Uluhan (2003), emphasis on the fact that the use of clearly implemented ERP systems for a suitable company practices provide viable solutions that remain significant in achievement of business advantages in the competitive global markets. Nah & Delgado (2006) describes the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems as being of great importance to companies as it offers integrated, enterprise-wide systems that can be used in the provision of automated support. As a result, the automated support system will allow effectiveness and efficiency of business procedures as it is considered essential for standard business processes within and outside operations of organizations. More considerably, companies have found it beneficial to adopt an ERP system that allows for improvements in management and decision-making.
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(Business Case Formulation for a Successful SAP (ERP System) Literature Review)
Business Case Formulation for a Successful SAP (ERP System) Literature Review.
“Business Case Formulation for a Successful SAP (ERP System) Literature Review”, n.d.
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