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The Essence of Clausewitzs Theory on War - Essay Example

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The paper 'The Essence of Clausewitz’s Theory on War' presents wars that are inevitable as long as there are conflicting individuals and circumstances. In a broader sense war is defined as “a socially recognized form of inter-group conflict involving violence”…
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Extract of sample "The Essence of Clausewitzs Theory on War"

Download file to see previous pages The essence of Clausewitz’s theory on war i is based on the fact that ‘war is an act of force which involves the feelings and emotions of individuals’ (Clausewitz, chap.1,) Forcing one’s will over the enemy and rendering them powerless is what war is all about. According to Clausewitz's theory, the enemy is seen as an object or target and chief aim of warfare is to remove the powers of the enemy and make them powerless and vulnerable. Research in the field of warfare has led theorists to believe that war impacts the emotions of individuals and affects them to a great degree, depending upon how deep the conflict in interests is and the duration for which conflicts last.
Civilization has improved a great deal and while there are advancements made in the field of science and technology, yet no alteration is made on the war front. Destroying the enemy or rendering them helpless is the salient feature of war. There is a compulsion on the opponent’s side to follow the same attitude which leads to extremes in war. (Clausewitz, pg. 15) War, as theorized by Clausewitz, is to force the enemy to obey one’s bidding by making them totally defenseless by disarming them. (Clausewitz, pg. 15) In Clausewitz's opinion, man and his affairs are not perfect and neither does war take place in isolation or does not erupt instantaneously. It is his societal conditions and various shortcomings on his part that forces him to wage war on his opponent. Clausewitz's theory on war states that ‘the very nature of war impedes the simultaneous concentration of own forces.’ (Clausewitz, pg. 19) The outcome of any war cannot be considered as final. The state that has been defeated looks at the outcome of the war as a transitory evil, the remedy of which may be found later.
Absolute and real war though interconnected has its own unique features. Absolute war is based on theoretical requirements and assumptions that extreme force has to be applied against the opponent in order to come out with a successful winner. However, real war does not fear the extreme nor caters to it, but rather it uses judgment to gauge the degree of effort that has to be put in for a particular shortcoming.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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