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Clausewitz’s theories of warfare present different approaches for the military to encounter and respond to war in the battle field, and how to deal with victory or defeat in the post-war period (Peter et al., 1986). However, among the theories of warfare formulated by…
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, this analysis holds that Clausewitz theories of warfare were not only applicable during the previous wars, but are still applicable in the 21st century military strategy.
According to Clausewitz theories of war, the application of physical force and material strength is essential for earning victory during a war (Peter et al., 1986). Nevertheless, considering the fact that physical force and material strength does not always result in victory due to the counter-tactics that are employed by the enemy side, then it becomes essential to ensure that the moral factor becomes the fundamental principle in the war strategy. According to Clausewitz, the moral factor in war represents the calculation of the mistakes of the enemy and then responding with a daring action, even in the times of desperation, when it becomes eminent that victory may not be achieved after all (Gat, 1993).
The moral principle therefore emerges as the most important factor in Clausewitz theory of war, since it is the moral principle that enables the military to calculate the likelihood of attaining victory in a war, and when such likelihood seems not to be forthcoming, then it is upon the military to take up the defeat bravely. The moral principle serves for both victory and defeat. In the times of war, it is very important that the military approaches the war with the possibility of victory on its side (Peter et al., 1986). However, since victory is never guaranteed in a war, it is also prudent to act against the possibility of victory, when it seems that there is nothing better to do in the circumstances. This is the ultimate test of moral principle in warfare, although it is very hard to attain during a war, since the moral forces cannot be reduced into sketches, maps or written strategies, but these forces can only be seen and felt (Peter et al., 1986).
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Paper 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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