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Description of Two Patients with Different Body System Infections - Case Study Example

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The paper "Description of Two Patients with Different Body System Infections" states that the patient has a problem in her reproductive area. Lippincott (2003) stated, “Uterus, ovaries, vagina and the fallopian tube combined makeup the reproductive system.” …
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Description of Two Patients with Different Body System Infections
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Extract of sample "Description of Two Patients with Different Body System Infections"

According to Acland (2003), microbes are responsible for this infection. Once the track is affected, then the victim will have to plague in search of its cure. Therefore, affected tract causes ablation, and the systems fail in their function. Anuria then starts developing in the kidneys. These are the common problems which follow patients who fall victims of the genitourinary tract infection. Renal failure will is common once the kidneys can no longer function well. When a patient claims of cystalgia and dysuria, then he needs medical examination as this the major sign of having a genitourinary infection. Polyuria too is a symptom that needs a doctor’s advice. Medical experts should examine patients who claim of renal colic.
Second Patient
Endometriosis is the infection this woman could be ailing. Certain tests can show that the patient is suffering from endometriosis. If she has some severe pain on the abdomen, she should consult a doctor. Lippincott quoted, “Fatigue and bloating are associated with endometriosis.” Laparoscopic surgery, endometrial ablation and endometrial biopsy are the most used test that explains the problems related to the reproductive areas. Read More
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(Description of Two Patients With Different Body System Infections Case Study)
Description of Two Patients With Different Body System Infections Case Study.
“Description of Two Patients With Different Body System Infections Case Study”, n.d.
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