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Lumber Spine Disc Prolapsed in MRI - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper stresses that the spine has an important physiological role as a support for the body. As cited by  Ballinger it is known otherwise as the backbone or the vertebral column. It is made up of the vertebral bones together with discs formed from fibrocartilage. …
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Lumber Spine Disc Prolapsed in MRI
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Download file to see previous pages The painful and incapacitating prolapse of a lumbar spine disc or discs is one of the commonest problems which can affect the spinal column in humans. The main cause is poor posture and many people with this condition are older people. There are of course many other spinal conditions such as spinal injuries, tumors and innate abnormalities. Any or all of these will result in pain and possible incapacity.
Many of these abnormalities are related to the particular area of the lumbar spine. Such people become hospital patients and need the best possible treatment that modern medical knowledge and technology can provide in order that they recover as quickly as possible, and can return to their normal activities as soon as possible without adverse side effects.
In modern-day medical practice in western style hospitals, three different methods of medical imaging are used. A patient who attends with a suspected lumbar spine disc prolapse will usually undergo CT scans or preferably MRI. considered the latter to be the most useful method as it best exposes spinal lesions and so points to the most obvious reason for the symptoms experienced. Lakshminarayanan gives the example of a possible symptom as numbness and tingling sensations in the patient’s limb Magnetic Resonance Imaging or (MRI) is a modern medical imaging technique that has to a large extent superseded most other imaging modes in suspected cases of lumbar disc prolapse. It is a safe method, as it does not expose either the patient or health workers to the possibility of harm from ionizing radiation as occurs with x-rays. Instead, it is based upon the resonance or movement of hydrogen atoms. MR imaging uses a large magnetic field to produce an image for further analysis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lumber Spine Disc Prolapsed in MRI Annotated Bibliography.
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