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HPV Infection - Term Paper Example

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HPV Diagnosis and Treatment Describe the disease – Why is it considered a disease? According to Steben and Duarte-Franco (2007) HPV is a “non-enveloped double-stranded DNA virus,” (p. S2). They go on to explain that there are over 100 different HPV genotypes which have been isolated, and more than 40 of these types infect the epithelial and mucosal lining of the anus and the genitals…
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HPV Infection
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"HPV Infection"

Download file to see previous pages Nearly every case of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, and all cases of genital warts and RRP are caused by HPV. The genital warts appear as small bumps or a group of bumps in the genital area, which may be small or large, raised or flat, or shaped like a cauliflower. These warts may appear within weeks of months after sexual contact with a partner who is infected, even if that partner has no outward signs of the disease. These warts may go away on their own, may remain unchanged, or may multiply or grow larger. The types of HPV that causes the warts are not the same strain that causes the cancers. Cervical cancer is symptomless until it is advanced, so women are encouraged to seek regular screening for cervical cancer. The RRP is a disease where the warts grow in the throat, which can block the airways and cause a hoarse voice or breathing troubles (Steben and Duarte-Franco, 2007). It is considered to be a disease because the mechanisms of the HPV virus change healthy cell tissue into tissue that is infected with lesions. Moreover, HPV is considered to be a disease because it causes other, more serious diseases, especially cervical cancer, as well as cancer that resides in other parts of the body, including the mouth and the throat. ...
of the woman, although it can also result in infections in the man, the system that will be examined for the purposes of this essay is the female genitalia. Below is a diagram of a normal female genitalia: The function of the external female reproductive structure is to enable the sperm to enter the body and to protect the internal genital organs from infectious organisms. The labia majora, which is literally “large lips,” is what encloses the protects the external reproductive organs. These are large, fleshy lips, and is the equivalent to the male scrotum. These lips contain sweat and oil-secreting glands. There are also labia minora, which are small lips. These are small lips which may be up to 2” wide. They are just outside the labia minora, and they surround the opening to the vagina and uretha. Bartholin’s glands are another part of the external genitalia, and the Bartholin’s glands are located beside the vaginal opening and produces a fluid secretion. The clitoris is where the two labia minora meet, and this is a small and sensitive protrusion that is comparable to a male penis. It is covered by a fold of skin, and similar to the foreskin at the end of the penis. It is very sensitive to stimulation and may become erect. The vagina is also a part of the female genitalia. It is a canal that joins the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus, to the outside of the body. This is known as the birth canal. HPV may also affect internal reproductive organs, so there will be some discussion of this as well. In this case, there is a uterus, which is a womb. It is hollow, pear-shaped and is the home for a fetus that is developing. It is divided into the cervix, which is the lower part that goes into the vagina, and the corpus, which is the main body of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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