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The essay “Internationalizing Media” looks at the media, which is founded on the universal essence of man; man is a social being that interacts with others. Each individual person has their unique life and unique experiences but at the same time has the capacity to share those stories…
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Internationalizing Media
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The thought of presenting my ideas in a way that it reaches many people and affects them, hopefully in a positive way, inspires me and draws me towards a career in the media. The media today is a powerful tool in this age of communication and its magnanimity is appealing to me. The growth in the media in the past few years has been immense as there have been ventures in coverage of all sorts of events and stories from world news, local news, politics, sports, art, music, culture and generally anything of human interest (Thussu 2009, Pg. 22). It is an exciting time to join the media especially due to the changes and the innovation that is going on at the moment; I would like to be part of this industry and inject my ideas into it as well.
I have the ambition to start my business in media later on in life and entry into media school is the first great step in starting that journey. By studying media in the university, I will learn the fundamentals of media as well as discover means of channeling my passion for music and poetry into the media. I hope to realize my dream and would appreciate you granting me the chance to study media in your university.
Thussu, D. K. (2009). Internationalizing Media Studies. New Jersey: Taylor & Francis. Read More
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Internationalizing Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 323 Words.
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