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The growth in internet use has affected cultures around the world, leading to a westernised, homogenous world culture - Essay Example

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Arowolo (2010) highlighted that the significant change in individual’s habit has been led by the internet progress that has changed the lives of human to an online communication form from a…
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The growth in internet use has affected cultures around the world, leading to a westernised, homogenous world culture
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Extract of sample "The growth in internet use has affected cultures around the world, leading to a westernised, homogenous world culture"

Download file to see previous pages Triandis (1989) pointed out that other cultures learn from western culture in view of the individualism western conception: collective objectives are surpassed by individual ones implying that individuals are important. This essay will therefore, argue how the Internet use growth has affected many cultures globally, leading to a westernized, homogenous world culture. Furthermore, it will evaluate this claim critically in relation to youth culture, business, and politics.
The use of the Internet growth has affected the youth culture globally, leading to a westernized, homogenous world culture. In particular, in the web content development many teenagers tend to be active participants. The capability of the youths as contributors was increased immensely by the web 2.0 dawn. Their capability as contributors was increased to web content and not passive consumers. According to Shim (2007), the association between the youth and media is another development of the internet culture. The varying framework of social media facilitates the establishment of large-scale and ad-hoc as well as formal online communities, where generated content of the user flourishes. With regards to this, the user generated content also created by photographers who share their photos, musicians who publicize their music and bloggers who post news. The reduced cost of distributing materials and of synchronizing innovative efforts facilitate the youth to create their content and together work with others in political, economic, and social activities (Goggin and McLelland, 2009).
A lot of youths are getting in expanding and are building relationships with their existing friends. Shim (2007) noted that not all youths are permanently engaged to the internet are committed to productions of contents. Unlike offline interaction, interactions online are not limited to a geographical area. Through the social media, youths are interacting, sharing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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