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However, there is no exact date as to when the art of conveying news started. News are driven by the ever growing curiosity of mankind…
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What are the global implications of the internationalization of news
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GLOBAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF NEWS By Global Implications of the Internationalization of News
The term news refers to messages carrying new information and has been in existence for a long time with some traces back in the 14th century. However, there is no exact date as to when the art of conveying news started. News are driven by the ever growing curiosity of mankind to know of things happening around the world and the need to convey new information. Records show that people accorded travelers great hospitality with the aim of getting some information since they possessed great knowledge of the things happening in the neighboring territories. In the earlier days, news were mainly used by governments to convey important information to the people. This then implies that the history of news can be dated back to the first empires such as in Egypt and Ancient Rome. In Egypt, “pharaohs spread word of their decrees” that were written and spread by messengers back in 2400BC (Stephens, 2007, p.57). In Ancient Rome, news were conveyed by Julius Cesar who made government announcements that were curved on metal or stone tablets. However, this efficiency can be attributed to the already established oral spread of news established long before beginning of written communication. As years advanced agencies dealing mainly in conveying news through newspapers, audio media and later televised media, were established. These agencies have over the years evolved and spread their role across the borders amid competition to be the first to give new information. Internationalizing news has further been fueled by the need to give a wide variety of news thereby commanding greater audience. However, internationalization of news has promoted imperialism due to content control and use of media to advance selfish gains especially by media agencies from developed counties (Shah and Tajima 2012, p. 26). The internationalization of the news has led to the deterioration of news on a global scale. News outlets in different countries are focusing on gathering the most audience rather than focusing on reporting the news, as it should. The main implication this has is that people will become less interested in hard news stories that influence politics, economy, and public opinion.
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