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Successful Products and Strategies of Apple Company - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Successful Products and Strategies of Apple Company' presents Apple Company which is one of the companies that succeeded in their marketing strategy, which catapulted them to greater heights. Apple introduced a new technology that was user-friendly and very interactive…
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Extract of sample "Successful Products and Strategies of Apple Company"

Download file to see previous pages Graphics-intensive user interface and intuitive menus and user options were very essential in promoting sales. Although Apple had limited sales initially, it gradually increased their availability through differentiation versions and lower prices. Service providers have been able to access markets and increase their market base such as AT&T because of its relationship with Apple. Apple achieved an amazing turn around due to its increased commitment to innovativeness that most people refer to as the new digital economy making its success to have generated from having successful products and strategies, not by chasing metrics. Apple has also successfully engineered products such as tablets, Smartphone into a uniquely beautiful, efficient, and user-friendly way that have made its products marketable and lovable by users.
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in 1976 and Apple’s personal computers were amongst the best but later experienced a decrease in sales after the high competition in electronics began. Apple Company then started to produce a new product iPod that largely enhanced her revenues. Apple and Samsung are undeniably the fiercest competitors in the consumer electronics in the market with very large loyal fan bases particularly in their flagship products including the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S4. Apple has clawed its way to smartphone market dominance though in a very different way compared to other players in the market especially in the way it releases new products. Apple company enjoys a multitude of fan sites and blogs, which cover them thus making it difficult to grasp at any fact or figures available to claim advantage to one side or the other in the market place by a competitor or even superiority for one side over the competitor. Apple is doing very well despite having a large number of competitors that have several things in common such as Samsung. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... name with the images they always see on the business’s advertisements. For instance, Apple Company is usually recognized by its apple image and consumers can easily identify its products. Some businesspersons take a long time before they build their business reputation. This is because of their poor marketing strategies. An established company name allows it to expand because consumers would like to be associated with the company. As such, they may take explore the company’s services. This will make them purchase more products from the firm. Even though, marketing increases business sales, businesses have to be innovative to advertise their products with proper tactics. A company can waste its money when it fails to conduct its marketing...
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...?Apple’s Marketing Strategy Introduction Apple Company has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It is one of the companies that have managed to make it to the top in unbelievably short span of time. Apple’s success can fundamentally be attributed to the high quality and sophistication level of its products, innovation and creativity, and most importantly, its outstanding marketing strategies. Not all Apple products managed to have immense market value immediately after their release e.g. Apple iPod. Many of these products showed a rapid increase in their sale few years after their release, thanks to the informed decisions made and prudent marketing strategies adopted by the Apple Company. It took Apple only five years from 2003...
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These factors generate a huge impact on the functioning of the business organisation as a whole. To this end, it must be noted that the business organisation can render effective control over the internal factors pertaining to human, technological and financial resources. On the contrary the external business factors divided along the micro and macro parts remain uncontrollable by the business. External factors like customers and suppliers along with competitors and government bodies and the different environmental events pertaining to political, economic, social, legal and technological landscape affect the organisation in a potential manner. Similarly the international and socio-demographic environment also affect the operation...
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Through a review of literature from diverse sources, the reports bring forth the findings on the business interventions the company has adopted in order to remain ahead of competition. Two main aspects characterize the strategies developed by Apple Inc, these are innovativeness and product diversification. These two strategies have been put in perspective in this report. In addition, conclusions are drawn from the findings and recommendations made. The company has adopted a differentiation strategy that has the following advantages; Increased competitiveness Uniqueness Flexibility Limitations of the strategy; Increased chances of imitation Uncertainty of the future Recommendations Rebranding Being cautious of customer needs Evalu...
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... Corporation. Its products and services are mostly concentric to the manufacturing and designing of computer hardware, software, and other electronic gadgets to be rendered to the world wide customers. As per to state its targeted market area, the company hosts its potential customers in almost 10 countries through 284 retail outlets. Conclusively, in the current fiscal year of 2010, the company was recorded to earn its all time highest profit of $15.68 billion, certainly as a result of its efficient strategic choices (Apple, 2010). An appropriate strategic alliance is undoubtedly a crucial tool to determine the success of a company. Thus, the paper in its further discussion shall emphasise on the strategies adapted by the company...
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...Apple Company 1967-1975 !967, PhD thesis on Graphical (GUI) produced by Jeff Raskin, who created Mac. 1968, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak meet through a mutual friend Bill Fernandez. 1970, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) of Xerox opened, with Raskin as a visiting scholar from Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. !972, Steve Jobs is among the initial 50 employees at Atari. 1973, PARC develops the $40,000 Alto, which is the first true personal computer (PC) and the first PC to run on GUI. 1975, Woz starts to attend meetings at the Homebrew Computer Club (Apple History Timeline, 1998). 1976-1980 1976, on the first of April Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ron Wayne found Apple Computer Company and present its first product Apple I...
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... officials. In general government officials receive a lower price compared to commercial customers (Apple). Apple Inc attempts to fulfill the social co-operative responsibilities via protecting environment, providing community services and impose of code of ethical conduct in business. Company ensures providing confidentiality for the customers’ details and not sharing with a third party. Apple also considers non disclosure of business strategies and information to third parties as an important element of their success in the industryMoreover, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Policy of Apple Inc. and Business Conduct Helpline demonstrate company’s fair business and ethics responsibility (Apple). The Apple name, names of products and services...
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...Apple Pricing Strategy Apple is one of the super brands and one of the most successful company popular for its phones, computers and other products and services such as the sale of tunes and products such as iTunes. Apple, which is a manufacturer of computers and smart phones often, adopts strategies aimed at attracting customers to their products while at the same time offering value for money. The pricing strategy also helps in giving the customers more choice that generates growth in the sense that it sells more of its products. However, the major strategy remains maintaining similar prices for all retailers, which ensure uniformity wherever they are sold. The price strategy for Apple majorly lies in the fact that they endeavour to sell...
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The main objectives of the integrated marketing communications is purposeful activity directed on the increase of technical base of indicators and the increase of efficiency of the enterprise’s general chain in order to implement the strategic plans of advertizing strategy. In the modern world it is not very easy to keep customers attention. Modern solvent consumers in most cases treat the majority of marketing approaches negatively due to the excessive volume of information. For this reason it becomes more difficult to attract and keep the attention of audience to a brand. In this case such brands as Nokia, or a search engine Yahoo! can serve as examples (Leavitt, 2007). They couldnt hold stable positions and finally lost them. T...
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...Apple inclusive financial analysis Introduction Financial ratios are vital in both financial and accounting fields. Just with a glance at any ratio one is able to conclude the performance of a given company. According to (Elliott, B., & Elliott, J., 2008), company’s success cannot be relied on ratios alone, and as a matter of fact ratios are just figures representing the overall corporation efficiency in different segments. Ratios have enhanced the perceptive people had towards accounting. Nowadays people need information to be brief but have much insight from it. Financial ratios have proven to be effective in delivering information in brief, but with relevant, and accurate content. The following are financial ratios for APPLE INCLUSIVE...
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