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The Role of Consumer Information in Public Policy - Article Example

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This article "The Role of Consumer Information in Public Policy" describes the difficulties involved in analyzing consume information.  The author outlines consumer's rights, the best way to deal with the information problem, two other methods of increasing customer information…
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The Role of Consumer Information in Public Policy
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Extract of sample "The Role of Consumer Information in Public Policy"

Download file to see previous pages This incident can be used to underline the importance of the clear policies on product information; in many ways it was actually, a mild case granted that the difference in the labeling had more of a social-cultural impact rather than a safety one. It is critical that manufacturers disclose as every detail of their products to their consumers especially in the era of globalization where one commodity can be retailed in hundreds of countries. However, the lack of information is not the only problem facing consumer information in some cases the information needs to be controlled in order to protect the consumer from advertisements and product information deliberately tailored to mislead or manipulate them. Without clear-cut and comprehensive policies, customers may end up purchasing products that are either culturally unacceptable to them or worse a health hazard. In the food industry for example if the customers do not know exactly what constitutes their purchases they may consume substances to which there are allergic resulting in a severe reaction or even death. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the public, state, and manufacturers for there to exist an unambiguous and uniform policy on customer information (Alan and Louis 1979).
Nevertheless, despite the obvious importance of the clarity in product information in recent times consumer protection regulations have increasingly been attacked form several sectors ranging from the courts business communities and legislative houses. A lot of emphases have been particularly placed on the techniques which are applied in the endeavor to ensure that that consumer globally has sufficient information regarding the product they are buying. Ideally, the goal that the stakeholders in consumer protection strive to uphold is that of ensuring that consumers have sufficient information such that they do not unknowingly purchase and consume products that are harmful to their health and welfare. Nonetheless, irrespective of the consensus with respect to this goal, there has been little unanimity in the determination of how best to efficiently render the information to prospective consumers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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