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Consumer Participation in Mental Healthcare in Australia - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Consumer Participation in Mental Healthcare in Australia" demonstrates the role of the Australian government towards consumer participation in mental health care. Likewise, basic principles set among the common wealth countries is also illustrated in terms of points…
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Consumer Participation in Mental Healthcare in Australia
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Extract of sample "Consumer Participation in Mental Healthcare in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages The optimistic logic of mental health is that it leaves a special variety of stress on human emotions while mental illness conducts negative stress on human thoughts and actions. However, mental illness is not subjected to any physical illness or disease but considered, as a psychological disorder in humans ((Editor),H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr (Editor),S.F.Spicker ). During 1970’s, it was widespread that mental illness and mental health were the two different shaft of a continuum. Since, there are varying degrees of health and sickness that indicates a person’s behavior, a thin line is present between mental health and mental illness. However, one may become sick from being healthy subjective to enough stress and anxiety in social environment. Likewise, in 1980’s, this theory was rejected by (Michel’s and Marzuk1993; Wilson1993) stating that a person can either be sick or healthy (, Department of Health). According to this statement, mental illness in a person is demonstrated by its abnormal behavior. For example, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, anger, aggression and substance abuse etc. In addition, the sources of mental illness are biochemical, biological, neurological or genetics. Mental health delineates self-esteem, self-actualization and realization, ability to fulfill desires, and significant relationships. Consequently, mental health is far more different from mental illness (, Department of Health). 
Subsequently, Australia and New Zealand have been working significantly in providing mental health care facilities to the consumers, as a result, the country’s national policies, effective strategies and legislation have been prepared.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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