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Explore consumerism in social policy with reference to healthcare. What are the special problems that attempting to introduce ma - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Consumerism in Health care policy Consumerism has become part and parcel of the very basics of the modern way of living. Areas of Social life, which were previously free from the demand of the market place (including healthcare), have had to adapt to a world where the wants and wishes of the consumer are supreme…
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Explore consumerism in social policy with reference to healthcare. What are the special problems that attempting to introduce ma
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Extract of sample "Explore consumerism in social policy with reference to healthcare. What are the special problems that attempting to introduce ma"

Download file to see previous pages For some, the selection involves bustling around looking for necessities for self and family as they look for the best value of their money and simply the cheapest; for others, it is a pleasure to look for the favorites. This choice and benefits pervade people’s lives other areas such as education and healthcare. However, it is only the rich who have the choice (Fatchett 2012, p.143). The concept of consumerism has continued to permeate in the developing healthcare agenda. It is debatable whether or not the users of the health services over the past few decades have become active consumers in reality or even empowered. Some have argued that the internal healthcare market of the 1990s has greatly resulted in increased consumer perspective. It is also debatable whether the ‘supermarket’ model of consumerism is appropriate or even applicable to healthcare delivery to patients and users of the health care system. The potential user of health service should play the role of an active consumer and in effect go shopping to ‘buy’ healthcare as and when the need arises (Fatchett 2012, p.143 The use of the term ‘consumer’ in relation to healthcare delivery faces strong criticism. ...
ability to obtain refund; ability and knowledge to compare the quality of one service and another and finally the ability to take action, seek redress or compensation if a product, treatment or intervention fail to work, was inappropriate or did not reach the quality or standard offered, promised or expected (Hann 2007, p.42). These requirements would be problematic to many less fortunate individuals and are only relevant, appropriate and possible to the financially endowed people. According to Fatchett where healthcare is bought and sold as a commodity, it fails on several counts. He asserts that healthcare should be given to those in need and some equitable approach should apply in its delivery. The free market is poor in allocating resources in a fair way to those who are less able and perhaps with more need of healthcare services (Hann 2007, p.42). In contrary, it allocates more resources to those who are better educated and have both the finance and skills to pursue the necessary health and lifestyle objectives and services. Those who need the most help to be healthy are often the poorest in society. This is because illness and poor healthcare correlated with low economic status and poverty. However, this category of people appears to gain the least from the healthcare services that are available. Those who suffer ill health and fall in this category may be unable to afford the many needed services and help even though they are available in the market (Newman & Vidler, 2006 p 251). In the converse, the better off in the society are able to access highly broad remit of health promoting activities and services. Consequently they achieve and maintain better health status and longevity than those who lack such opportunities. In addition, those who insure against ill ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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