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Effective Customer Care for Success - Business Plan Example

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This work called "Effective Customer Care for Business Success" describes a plan for the management of customer contact for EcoJET Airways. The author takes into account major financial and business pay television channels, the peculiarities of travel service, customer needs, and expectations, using social networking applications.  …
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Effective Customer Care for Business Success
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Extract of sample "Effective Customer Care for Success"

Download file to see previous pages A target market for a particular business is a group of customers who have a common relationship with each other. Some of the commonalities shared by such customer groups include but not limited to sharing similar demographic characteristics, residing, or working in the same location, using the product/service for the same reason among others. For EcoJET Airways, one of the target markets may be identified as the business class travelers class of customers mainly because these customers travel for the same reason as part of carrying out business activities between the three cities of Sydney-Melbourne-Brisbane or they could be classified as a target market because of the fact that they travel business class as a specific product/service offered by EcoJET Airways. These business travelers may also be staying in any of the three states, therefore, qualifying as a target market for the airline by virtue of commonplace of residence. The Airline provides various services to clients in this particular market including bus shuttle service from the airport to CBD, Business travel lounge facilities, Use of mobile phone in-flight, In-screen entertainment with live access to major financial and business pay television channels (Lecture 1, p.18).
Another market segment for EcoJET Airways is groups of customers flying across the three states at the same hours mainly 9 am arrivals and between 5 pm and 7 pm departures. This is a perfect market niche for the airline because the customers use the air travel services at common times of day or night perhaps as a consequence of their work schedules or dictated by the hours of business around the three cities. Customers from the regional markets outside the three major cities could be another class of customers, which EcoJET Airways is trying to reach through the cooperative arrangement with Rural Express. This is a potential target market because the customers are non-city dwellers who wish to travel to either of the cities to carry out personal business, shopping, or for other different reasons. One of the airline’s policies is to promote sustainable air travel through the minimization of emissions. Customers who subscribe to this, thus accepting to pay a carbon offset fee, may be classified as a target market for the firm; as opposed to another category that does not subscribe to the policy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effective Customer Care for Business Success Plan.
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Effective Customer Care for Business Success Plan.
“Effective Customer Care for Business Success Plan”.
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