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Sustainable Operations And Strategy Of Wal-Mart - Essay Example

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Sustainable operations are a pattern which is followed keeping in mind the future. The paper "Sustainable Operations And Strategy Of Wal-Mart" discusses the Wal-Mart’s strategy on Sustainability, that states that sustainability is a key element for the business like supply chains…
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Sustainable Operations And Strategy Of Wal-Mart
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Extract of sample "Sustainable Operations And Strategy Of Wal-Mart"

Download file to see previous pages Soon companies started realizing that profits and profitability are not the only factors of long-term development but future of the people and the planet are also key elements for sustainable operations. Hence, these new objectives were classified as the triple bottom line (3BL) which included the three Ps of people, profit, and the planet. After all the recent developments and expansions, people have started to ask for more than mere salaries and profits. They now emphasize on factors like improved performance on environmental, health and safety issues. So now Wal-Mart has to make the decision of investing in such activities of environmental and health concerns and how do follow them in the most efficient and cost-effective method.
“At Wal-Mart, we know that being an efficient and profitable business and being a good steward of the environment are goals that can work together. Our broad environmental goals at Wal-Mart are simple and straightforward:
Wal-Mart launched a global business strategy of sustainability to lessen the business’s burden on the global environment and hence become one of the leading supply-chain companies in the world. They aimed to be named as the most competitive and innovative company in the world. The emphasis was then on the fact that objective of profitability was going to be taken along with the implementation of the development of the environment. (Wal-Mart, 2012)
The management at Wal-Mart knew that they had to carry the program of improvement of the environment along with business profitability to gain sustainable operations and growth in the longer term. Wal-Mart hired a popular firm, Blu Skye for an overall analysis of the environmental impact and for consultation on issues related to sustainability in the globalized world. Wal-Mart collaborated with other companies as well which included; Conservation International (CI) and Environmental Defense (ED). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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