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Creative Portfolio: IKEA Magazine Advertisement, TV Commercial, and Website Banner - Case Study Example

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"Creative Portfolio: IKEA" paper analyzes the magazine advertisement, tv commercial, and website banner of IKEA company. A study of advertising policy would be supportive to spot where the company can make enhancements on the techniques that it uses to boost the demand for the newly launched product…
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Creative Portfolio: IKEA Magazine Advertisement, TV Commercial, and Website Banner
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Extract of sample "Creative Portfolio: IKEA Magazine Advertisement, TV Commercial, and Website Banner"

Download file to see previous pages The target audience was the general public, so this ad was a simple but emotional method of publicizing the way “IKEA can make people Happy Inside” (Stenebo, p. 183, 2010). Evaluating the content of this advertisement, there is not any duplication. However, it is very practical to add cats that are attached to soft and puffy things like sofa or armchair. Hence, this shows the excellence of the IKEA products that even cats find them irresistible. IKEA used its shop for this ad so the customers can see it and want to visit the store in person. The most obvious aspect of this ad is that it is emotional; using adorable animals (especially pets) or kids always “touches the heart of people” (Dahlvig, p. 98, 2011).

This campaign did immensely well with consumers online - having more than 4 million views for different versions of this print ad and the company’s website was visited by 250,000 potential buyers. The brand tracking system of IKEA has revealed an increase in understanding and the awareness that the brand is “warm and human” (Lewis, p. 193, 2008).

‘Lamp’ is a TV advertisement by IKEA to promote its new chain of furniture stores in the United States of America. This ad is of 60 seconds duration and was released in September 2002 (Kamprad & Torkull, p. 123, 2009).

Advantages of using TV commercials are: (1) it allows the company to get in touch with a large number of individuals on a countrywide or provincial level during a small span of time; (2) self-regulating stations in addition to cable present innovative prospects to identify locally targeted audience; (3) commercials on television effectively make use of “print, video, audio, still photos, motion, light and graphics” to catch the interest of prospective customers; (4) as an image-building and visual medium, television gives the facility to communicate the message with the display, sound, and action; and (5) TV commercials allow a company to inform a broader range of viewers regarding its product and/or service (Bengtsson & Bjorkbom, p. 211, 2011). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Creative Portfolio: IKEA Magazine Advertisement, TV Commercial, and Case Study.
(Creative Portfolio: IKEA Magazine Advertisement, TV Commercial, and Case Study)
Creative Portfolio: IKEA Magazine Advertisement, TV Commercial, and Case Study.
“Creative Portfolio: IKEA Magazine Advertisement, TV Commercial, and Case Study”.
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