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Rolling Stone Magazine Content - Essay Example

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This paper under the headline 'Rolling Stone Magazine Content" focuses on the fact that the specific magazine advertisement is from Rolling Stone magazine. The specific magazine environment for the Rolling Stone magazine was on a table shared by a number of people. …
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Rolling Stone Magazine Content
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Extract of sample "Rolling Stone Magazine Content"

There was a featured on how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney engaged in unethical behaviour before he became governor. The leading title article – an article on the movie Prometheus – does not relate to the advertisement in any way.
The competitive environment for this magazine is music and cultural magazines such as Spin or even Entertainment Weekly. The specific advertisement is for Pennzoil motor oil. The advertisement doesn’t directly ask the reader to do anything, but it promotes the use of Pennzoil Motor Oil by stating that it is 25% cleaner than Mobil 1 oil. It does not seem that there are competitive advertisements in the sense that they compete with each other. However, it seems that the Pennzoil advertisement is competing with Mobil 1 motor oil by claiming that it is the cleaner motor oil. It seems that this is a good investment as it is higher quality motor oil than Mobil 1. While it may be more expensive it is worth investing in for the quality inherent in the oil.  Read More
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(Rolling Stone Magazine Content Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 251 Words - 14)
Rolling Stone Magazine Content Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 251 Words - 14.
“Rolling Stone Magazine Content Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 251 Words - 14”, n.d.
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