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Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India - Case Study Example

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"Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India" paper examines how Magnum Ice – Cream could meet the ice-cream tastes of Indian customers. It should be pointed out that India, with 1.2 billion citizens, is the second-most densely populated nation worldwide after China…
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Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India
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Extract of sample "Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India"

Download file to see previous pages The world has become a global village after rapid developments and advancements in information and communication technology, media resources, transportation, and networking. The interaction and coordination among people have improved tremendously in the last 3 decades after the advent of the internet and the use of desktop PCs and laptop notebooks. Indeed, businesses have also received innumerable benefits from this free flow of information, opinions, knowledge, and ideas across the globe. Nevertheless, new business and investment opportunities are created because of developments in infrastructure and modes of transportation that have enabled businesses to ensure the utility of form, place and time. Hennessey et al (2007) pinpointed the fact that a global/multinational firm must critically analyze its general and task environment so that it could market want-satisfying products to customers with unique tastes, preferences, needs and societal norms.

Unilever has established its subsidiary company named Hindustan Unilever Limited of which 17 brands have already become the part of “100 top brands” across India (Annual Report, 2010). The report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the scope of Magnum Ice - Cream in the Indian market by throwing light over market segmentation, positioning, competitors’ analysis, and marketing mix strategies. Unilever was formerly known as Lever Brothers based in the United Kingdom, which masters in the production and marketing of consumer goods, food, beverages, drinks, and personal care products. It is worthwhile to mention that Unilever, a multinational corporation, has focused on business expansion in emerging Asian economies such as India, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh because these nations are densely populated; therefore, the size of the market has been increasing at a phenomenal pace. Indeed, Unilever has been operational in more than 170 countries across the globe with more than 350 brands in the aforementioned categories. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India Case Study.
(Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India Case Study)
Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India Case Study.
“Unilever: Marketing Plan for Magnum Ice Cream in India Case Study”.
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