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The target market for brands such as Surf Excel and Knorr (especially ready to cook meals) includes housewives mainly from the ages of 25-50 years. For products such as Axe, the target market is young men from 20 years plus…
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Unilever Group - analysis
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Dove gives equal attention to the skin care needs of men and women alike. Unilever is a proponent of hygiene and well being and due to this it targets house wives in order to make them believe that their families are safe and healthy with Unilever products. It’s ice cream brands such Ben & Jerry’s and Wall’s are for all age groups (children, young and elderly). Knorr’s noodles are enjoyed children mostly. St. Ives is a beauty products line that has scrubs, lotions and proteins etc. and caters to women of 18 years plus. Lipton is consumed in the Asian region majorly and so people from the age of 20+ are catered here, as children are not very fond of tea. Unilever targets its customers through its principles of health, hygiene, personal care and nutrition. It focuses on hygiene and personal care specifically and for this the average housewife is targeted (Brand Source, 2009).
One of the Unilever’s founding companies was Level Bros and in 1980’s William Hesketh came up with the idea for Sunlight Soap, which later proved to be his revolutionary product in Victorian England in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. The idea was to promote cleanliness, make women’s work easier, and promote a culture of health and personal attractiveness in order to convey the message that people who used Unilever products were living a better life. Around this time, the term Corporate Mission was not there but these ideas would have come under it had it been there. The fact only women are responsible for doing housework has become trite and obsolete. Unilever USA is a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate, The Unilever Group (which has 10 companies operational as of now in the USA). Unilever USA is the largest company among the ten subsidiaries of the Unilever Group in USA and is primarily a consumer goods company distributing well known branded products through grocery, drug, mass merchant and club channels. It has revenues worth $4 billion and if one of the top-notch fast moving consumer goods companies in the USA. However over the past ten years, profits for Unilever USA have not been very great. Due to an accounting change only, there was a profit last year (ConsultingCase, 2012). Unilever has a history that is three centuries old and remarkable events like economic boom, depression, world wars, changing consumer lifestyles and technological advancements have played an important role in it. This history is also marked by Unilever’s efforts to make life easier and enjoyable for its consumers by helping them save time (by reducing time spent on house work, nutritional concerns etc.). Besides that Unilever has also been able to balance its profits with care and social responsibility. During the 19th century, the founding companies of Unilever were the most charitable among others. They designed projects especially to improve their workers and their products were also designed in a manner such that they had social benefits. These products prioritized hygiene, personal care, and nutrition (was improved by adding vitamins to staple foods). Up till now, Unilever is a socially ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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