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Canada Dry's Domestic Marketing Activities - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyzes "Canada Dry" a successful venture and a significant 4% contributor in sales growth of Dr. Pepper group of companies. Indeed, people across the USA have higher Per Capita Incomes as well as have an inclination to eat out, try new food recipes and beverages…
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Canada Drys Domestic Marketing Activities
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Extract of sample "Canada Dry's Domestic Marketing Activities"

Download file to see previous pages Canada Dry does offer a large variety of top quality beverages to customers from different market segments (teenagers, adults, middle-aged and elderly) at affordable prices. This strategy has made it one of the most recognized and successful brands with an excellent reputation in the marketplace. The price structure is flexible as prices are negotiated with distributors and store owners. Cost-plus, value-based, penetration, competitive and psychological pricing strategies are used by Canada Dry. The company has established an efficient distribution and supply chain network. The chief distributor of Canada Dry is known as Canada Dry Bottling Company that has also signed agreements with Skinny Nutritional, Frontier Beverages and Clearly Canadian distribution firms for supplying beverages across North American markets. However, the underlying weakness of Canada Dry is that it does not produce in New Jersey; rather it has assigned responsibility to Pepsi Cola to produce some flavors on a limited scale. The researcher has recommended the strategic planners of Dr. Pepper Group to establish production facilities across New Jersey and produce beverages on a wider scale as they have immense business potential.
Canada Dry was initially a small beverage producer that initiated its operations by a pharmacist and chemist known as John J. McLaughlin in 1890 in Canada. John was proficient in a production of soda that he used to supply to pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, the soda was used as an ingredient in the production of beverages such as flavored and fruit juices. Unequivocally, John was a creative person who believed in experimentation and innovation, which later enabled him to develop a unique recipe during the early 1900s for a beverage known as ‘Pale Dry Ginger Ale’. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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