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Hist 360 - The World in Canada Diaspora, emography and Domestic Politics Chapter 3, 4, 5 - Book Report/Review Example

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This affects the immigrant’s country of origin in the following ways. Brain drain brings Economic benefits to the immigrant’s homeland…
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Hist 360 - The World in Canada Diaspora, emography and Domestic Politics Chapter 3, 4, 5
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"Hist 360 - The World in Canada Diaspora, emography and Domestic Politics Chapter 3, 4, 5"

Download file to see previous pages affects the development of a country, by reducing number of people available with the need skills and expertise required to improve the economy (Bercuson et al. 31).
Both Jamaica and Haiti are suffering from the same social, economic problems, but Canada has a different approach to the two countries because of the following reasons. First is the emergence of political parties allied to the various ethnic groups and the diaspora community. The active participation of theses diaspora groups in diplomacy, trade and development has an effect on having Canada take a different approach for the two countries. To understand how the diaspora groups influence the Canadian policy, I will consider two Canadian cities that are Montreal and Toronto. Montreal has become home to the thriving Canadian-Haiti community while Toronto has become home to the Jamaica Community (50).
Therefore, the relationship between Canada and the two is different countries because decisions are made by the communities in the two cities hence different Canadian approach’s in addressing the same issues.
According to the author foreign policy springs from the fundamental base of a state that is its geographical location, its history and form of government, its economic values, allies and the people (60). The foreign policy also must promote the nations interest.
Taking the Croatian cases study as an example, it is evident that the Croatians are keen on issues in Canada as well as observing and even participating in wars for political autonomy and independence by ethnic kindred in their homeland. Therefore, the immigrants have dual loyalty to Canada and their host country.
From the Granatstein’s argument, Canadian foreign policy should not take into considerations the demands by ethnic groups since national interest must be crucial in formulating the national foreign policy (78).
According to the author, strategic culture is when identity of scholars of international relations guides assessment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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