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Website and Internet Marketing Campaign for United Matbouli Group - Term Paper Example

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This report concerns the author's work on the UMG website and in creating an internet marketing campaign for UMG. This report highlights how a company can benefit from having a web presence and the how e-commerce can help a business in gaining a competitive advantage …
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Website and Internet Marketing Campaign for United Matbouli Group
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Extract of sample "Website and Internet Marketing Campaign for United Matbouli Group"

Download file to see previous pages Some general marketing strategies commonly employed on the internet are described. A study of Saudi internet users in general and the state of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia is made. The objectives of the United Matbouli Group website are defined. The website is evaluated for usability. A study of the target audience of the website is made. In light of the various studies, we craft a general internet marketing strategy for the UMG and make a list of recommendations to improve the UMG website.
The United Matbouli Group (UMG) is one of the largest distributors of consumer electronic products and home appliances in Saudi Arabia. Based in Jeddah, UMG owns a number of stores located in urban centers throughout the country and employs more than 550 people. UMG has a wide range of products including many different types of air conditioners, cell phones, televisions, digital video and audio players and home appliances such as gas ranges, microwave ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. Our task during the internship was to evaluate and help redesign UMG’s website and formulate an internet marketing campaign for the company. The United Matbouli Group has had a web presence for around ten years now, however, the website has never been a major part of UMG’s marketing strategy. The redesign of the website and the new marketing campaign aims to make the UMG website an important source of business for the United Matbouli Group.
Having a well-maintained website can provide modern day businesses with a competitive edge. Websites allow businesses to inform customers about the products and services they offer, websites are not constrained by the limits suffered by promotional materials printed on paper. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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