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It has 578 hotels which house more than 40,000 rooms altogether across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The hotel has made its reputation as the largest hotel chain in the UK and is offering a wide…
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Project Promotional Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages make a point that they are the largest hotel brand in the service industry they offer client’s a money back guarantee that is termed as “Good Night Guarantee”, which covers for the rooms, hospitality, service and the overall experience at the hotel (Premier Inn, 2009).
The hotel offers a lot of packages to its clients’. The most noticeable ones’ are the 2 for 1 package where a customer pays for the rent for one individual but can accommodate two, additionally the kids are free. Then there is the park and fly package, which includes a nights stay, car parking facilities and Grab & Go Breakfasts. Another important offering to the clients is the premier offer that allows people to stay at the hotel for as low as £ 29. This cheap accommodation is only provided to customers if they plan and book their stay online at least 21 days prior to their arrival.
The objectives of the promotional campaign are focused around the increasing the brand value. There are several factors which can be used to increase the brand value. The first one is building awareness of the offer in the mind of the target market. In order to sell a service it is of utmost importance to reach out to the customers effectively and portray to them exactly what is on offer. Then, the company should focus on creating consumer interest and providing information through easy and well communicated channels. Another important objective of the campaign is to stimulate the demand; the right promotion can drive customers to make a purchase. Finally, the most important objective of the promotional effort is to reinforce the brand name (Know This, 2009). Promotion should not be viewed as an effort to incur a onetime sales but it should be an effort that promotes the brand. The brand value and brand loyalty will reap long term benefits and hence the effort and the cost associated with the promotional campaign should aim to increase the brand value and loyalty.
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