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The Role of Social Networking Sites in Advertising - Case Study Example

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This paper discusses how advertisers take benefits of social networks to advertise their products. At the start, the author discusses social networks, after that, the author discusses why people use social networks, and in the last, he/she discusses the role of social networks in advertising…
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The Role of Social Networking Sites in Advertising
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Extract of sample "The Role of Social Networking Sites in Advertising"

Download file to see previous pages Now people more and more using these social networks to share their ideas, make friends, and various other activities. By seeing the growing reputation of these social networks among the public, now advertisers are also choosing social networking sites to advertise their products and services.

However, the basic objective of social networking is not that it helps individuals communicate and make relationships with unknown persons, but, it helps individuals create, maintain, and make identifiable social networks or profiles. In other words, it can be said that this results in communication with individuals that would not in other ways be possible or done, even though that is not the main goal since these communications or relationships are usually among "latent ties" the users having some offline links (Boyd & Ellison, 2007).

Presently, the trend of social networking is growing everywhere and social networking websites have turned out to be a family name. In spite of the fact that it is an individual’s private or professional existence, they are in actual fact magnificent procedure for making new relationships online and communicating with friends, colleagues (Sedycias, 2009) because a social networking web site is a kind of web site where individuals and groups are able to build up an online profile, after that they enter their interests into the profile, as well as they can add or insert connections to other profiles. In addition, people using social networking sites are able to distribute/share private information, such as blog entries, photographs, and videos. There is an example of a social networking web site that is MySpace. This social networking web site is very famous equally with music groups and individuals, who want to share information about their tour dates, and distribute their songs on their profile pages (Hawkins, 2009). The most important advantage of the social networking site is that it is a very supportive and useful method to stay in touch with many people (friends, relatives, colleagues, etc). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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