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The 7 Ps of Service Marketing in Hilton Hotel Corporation - Case Study Example

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The study “The 7 Ps of Service Marketing in Hilton Hotel Corporation” reports the marketing mix of the famous hospitality brand that craves to be the first choice of guests, team members, and owners and proves that success and competitiveness of the hotel business depend on the quality of service…
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The 7 Ps of Service Marketing in Hilton Hotel Corporation
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Extract of sample "The 7 Ps of Service Marketing in Hilton Hotel Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages In the past, companies never had access to modern technologies which helped them in interacting directly with the customers, collect and my information about them and customize their offering according to the customer’s preference. Similarly, even the customers never interacted so freely with the company and didn’t have access to any information about the company. In order to survive in this intensely competitive market environment, companies are shifting their focus from transaction orientation to increased customer value. They are trying to build customers who would be associated with the company for their lifetime by focusing on customer relationship management. 
The importance of the service sector can be understood from the fact that the service sector contributes 70% of the GDP globally (Grzinic, 2007). Realizing the difference between product marketing and service marketing the marketing mix has been extended from 4P’s to 7P’s. Hilton hotel, engaged in providing world-class service to its guests, has well understood the significance of the above-mentioned context.
The report attempts to understand the marketing mix of Hilton. It starts with an explanation of the characteristics of service marketing differentiating it from traditional product marketing.
The next section tries to study the 7 P’s of service marketing from the perspective of hotel Hilton. Finally, recommendations are provided as to what Hilton hotel should do to maintain its leadership position. The report shows the importance of marketing in order to stay ahead in this competitive market environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The 7 Ps of Service Marketing in Hilton Hotel Corporation Case Study”, n.d.
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