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Early Pioneers of the Hotel Industry; How their Contributions and Management Style shaped Todays Modern Hotel - Essay Example

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The contributions are found through the relationship of effective management and guest satisfaction that have shaped the world of hospitality. The similarities and differences in management style from past…
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Early Pioneers of the Hotel Industry; How their Contributions and Management Style shaped Todays Modern Hotel
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Extract of sample "Early Pioneers of the Hotel Industry; How their Contributions and Management Style shaped Todays Modern Hotel"

Download file to see previous pages According to Britannica Online, Ellsworth Statler introduced the common hospitality slogan “the customer is always right” (2013). Like many hotels found today, Statler’s incorporation of amenities were found to offer quality service to customers. Statler stated, “All I want to do is to have more comfort and conveniences and serve better food then any of them have or do, and mine will be at a price ordinary people can afford” (Turkel, 2005). His vision and goal was very much like the goals of management leaders today. Statler’s vision for a better future brought forth the following innovations: “ice water circulating to every bathroom, a telephone in every room, a full-size closet with a light, a towel hook beside every bathroom mirror, a free morning newspaper, and a pin cushion with needle and thread” (Turkel, 2005). Ellsworth Statler portrayed effective management through his efforts of making staff focus energy on guest satisfaction. Statler’s employed operational strategy was achieved through the Statler Service Code which was a pledge for employees to work by in offering the best service possible (Kkapanek, 2012). This service code is similar to the codes that hotels work by. For hotels this service code is known as the mission and vision of a hotel, it informs guests of what that hotel is all about. Ellsworth Statler was not the only innovative leader to change the hotel industry (Ellsworth, 2013).
Cesar Ritz was the pioneer that established a name by managing with excellence. Cesar Ritz also started his career in the restaurant industry and progressed his way up to managing hotels in Paris. Eventually, Ritz became the founder of elegance in hotels through his drive for vision. “He had the gift and intuition to recognize the important elements of hospitality and he used them well and consequently” ("Caesar ritz," 2013). Cesar Ritz designed his hotel with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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