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Features Of The Strategic Marketing In Bang & Olufsen - Case Study Example

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The development of marketing policies worldwide is increased as a result of the increase in competitiveness among firms. The paper "Features Of The Strategic Marketing In Bang & Olufsen" provides a brief presentation of the failures in operational activities of Bang & Olufsen…
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Features Of The Strategic Marketing In Bang & Olufsen
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Extract of sample "Features Of The Strategic Marketing In Bang & Olufsen"

Download file to see previous pages Ethics of commerce are also likely to be used as criteria for the evaluation of marketing plans adopted by firms in different business sectors. The current paper focuses on the evaluation of the marketing plans of Bang & Olufsen, a firm, which is well known for the quality and the aesthetic of its products. The turbulence in the firm’s performance – a phenomenon that it is repeated periodically – lead to the assumption that the marketing policies of the firm need to be appropriately evaluated as of their effectiveness – failures need to be identified and corrected accordingly. Through appropriate methods of evaluation it is proved that the quality of the firm’s marketing plans cannot be doubted; however, appropriate changes and improvements should be made in order for the firm to increase its competitiveness in the global marketplace.
Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Denmark. The firm operates in the area of multimedia products and has a significant performance – if taking into consideration current market condition. More specifically, for the year 2007-2008 the firm’s profits were estimated to 548 million euros. A major problem for the firm’s managers seems to be the lack of stability in the firm’s profitability; other problems, like the cooperation with dealers and the effectiveness of leadership, have been proved to be responsible for the instability in the firm’s productivity and performance since its establishment. The examination of the firm’s overall strategies can lead to the assumption that the business department that holds the major responsibility for the firm’s operational and performance delays is the marketing department – the firm’s marketing policies have not been appropriately designed and modified in order to meet the organizational aims but also the market trends. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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