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The reporter states that baby store is a brand committed to delivering value. The goal of the baby store is to cater the baby care provider's needs with quality products at minimized prices. The foremost priority of the store is to provide quality to its customers…
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Strategic Plan: Baby Store
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Download file to see previous pages In order to analyze the marketing and strategic situation first of all SWOT analysis have been undertaken, which has been presented as under SWOT analysis enables the organization to plan and execute its program of action with a degree of certainty about the external environmental factors that influence its own existence. A baby store would necessarily be faced with a number of external economic influences such as the government policies on taxation, interest rates, inflation, money supply, a balance of payments, Gross Domestic Product, National Income, foreign governments’ protectionist policies and so on. Imported baby-care products would be more expensive if the government imposes a higher import tariff on them. The government might impose higher corporation taxes in order to control inflation. This would affect the business in a number of ways.
For instance, a baby store which depends much more on imported products would find that higher tariffs to be a threat to its survival, especially in the long run. It might find it difficult to reduce prices to match its rivals’ prices. Rivals might be selling domestic products that are not subject to taxes except some GST or BTT. This gives them an advantage over rivals that sell imported products. Higher sales taxes imposed on baby care products by the government in order to control inflation also could affect them. Baby stores are affected by such taxes because now people buy less (McIntyre-Mills, 2004, p.373).
Technological developments also influence businesses. A baby care product seller could be influenced by such developments in technology as irritation reducing skin lotions and mild shampoos. Also the baby food market, for instance, has been converted into a battleground for technology giants. Subtle discoveries, involving immunity enhancing or/and disease-fighting biological agents, have revolutionized baby products markets.
New technologies represent opportunities for baby stores. Competitors, who lag behind in introducing such new technologies or fail to sell products made by using new technologies, would be forced out of the market sooner than later. This is all the more obvious when demand and supply forces in baby product markets are taken into consideration.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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