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The paper introduces a startup business EZ-learn, its products; snap-learn & audio-learn to children toys and gifts market UK. UK’s Pre-school Education Market is very attractive for EZ-learn. The SWOT analysis is done under the shadow of PESTEL analysis of the environment…
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A startup business EZ-learn
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that the country’s pre-school educational policies are reflective of the fact that the country has the potential need of products that could integrate efforts to enhance pre-school education and ease learning for kids. Furthermore, a vast majority of UK parents are working; they need easy tools and quick products for learning of little kids. EZ-learn products facilitate learning through activity and play. EZ-learn has adopted a flat structural design for its operations; which is based on five teams; management, product conception and development, marketing, human resource and finance & accounting. The company has identified its strengths, weaknesses along with the opportunities and threats existing in the industry. The target market comprises of teachers and parents. The competitive environment is severe as there are so many educational toy firms and learning centers. However, EZ-learn positions itself over two important dimensions; first it identify its products as learning tools and secondly it categorize them as best gift items for kids. The marketing objective of EZ-learn aligns with the marketing mix of Snap-learn. It entails the key 4P strategies. The product strategy addresses the potential need by focusing 3 main areas of quality, functionality and intangible values which are responsible for strong brand development. Pricing strategy focus value pricing and set depth of sales incentives offered. Distribution strategy uses in/direct placement of Snap-learn. For direct distribution EZ-learn uses e-business strategies (online order placement) and for indirect distribution the company has collaborated with SMYTHS retailers. Communication and selling direct marketing efforts for designing promotional campaign; which uses social media networks to transform buzz marketing and below the line activities to stimulate purchase response from the target market. It offers sales incentives for a limited period. As the report proceeds, it entails EZ-learn’s financial statements. They identify the numeric worth of EZ-learn. The operations, logistics, human resource and e-business strategies are also elaborated with detail. Finally the report ends with recommendations to the management and illustration of references and pictures of the products. Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 Contents 3 INTRODUCTION TO EZ-LEARN 5 PRODUCT 5 STRATEGIC POSITIONING & EZ-LEARN STRUCTURE 6 Point of Parity, POP: 6 Point of Differentiation, POD: 6 COMPANY STRUCTURE 7 SWOT & PESTEL ANALYSIS 9 POTENCY 9 ACHILLES' HEEL 9 OPPORTUNITY 9 THREATS 9 MARKET & COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 10 FINANCIALS (CASH FLOW FORECAST 12 CASH FLOW STATEMENT 12 Income Statement 13 VALUATION TECHNIQUES 14 Net Present Value 14 Average Return on Investment 15 INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN 15 FINANCIAL RATIOS 15 MARKETING AND SALES 16 Promotions: 18 OPERATIONS / LOGISTICS/HUMAN RESOURCES/EBUSINESS STRATEGIES 19 OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION 20 RECOMMENDATIONS TO MANAGEMENT 20 Bibliography 22 Kaplan, R, & Atkinson, A 1998, ‘Advanced management accounting’, Prentice Hall, vol. 3, pp. 798. 22 Kieso, D, & Weygandt, J 2004, Intermediate Accounting. John Wiley & Sons, New York 22 Mason, C 2001, ‘What Do Investors Look For In A Business Plan?’, International Small Business Journal. Available from: [Accessed 20 March 2012] 22 APPENDIX 23 SALES GRAPH 23 NET INCOME OF THE COMPANY 24 INTRODUCTION TO EZ-LEARN EZ-learn is a company that is aimed to provide easy learning opportunities to mums’, mentors or even caretakers of a toddler or a preschooler. We aim to “simplify learning method” for little kids by developing new techniques and by coordinating elderly way of learning. Our vision and mission for EZ-learn is: EZ-learn is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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