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Relationship Development and Marketing Communication - Research Paper Example

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The aim of this paper “Relationship Development and Marketing Communication” which is to understand the dynamics of social marketing as a possible solution to social and health problems, the paper will be tackling the following questions: First, what is social marketing?…
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Relationship Development and Marketing Communication
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Extract of sample "Relationship Development and Marketing Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Marketing is generally associated with the concepts and structures of economics (Bagozzi, 1975). Being such, it is not surprising that marketing is connoted as a form of tangible exchange between two persons or entities. (Rothschild, 1975) And it is in this view that the concept of transaction plays a very significant and primordial role in the discipline. The nature of marketing is designed in such a way that it is only realized within the process of transactions that takes place in the exchange of values between two persons (Luck 1974). Since implicit in the identity and nature of marketing is the idea that benefits are derived from the transaction – the simplest and barest form of marketing exchange is buying and selling, which according to Luck (1974) a simple exchange which should always be perceptible in marketing. As such, the concept of exchange has been elucidated in various researches in marketing as it is considered as the lifeblood of the field. (Bagozzi, 1975; Rothschild, 1975; Domegan, 2008)
Bagozzi (1975) claims that commercial marketing is primarily a transaction of exchange of values by two persons or entities with the view that there is a significant benefit that can be derived from such an exchange. In Bagozzi’s article (1975), there are three implied characteristics that are perceptible in the process of exchange. First is the fact of benefits (Bagozzi 1975; Luck 1974; Andreasen, 1994, Domegan 2008). As such, people enter into an exchange transaction because they now that will be gaining something good or beneficial out from the exchange. Second, deduction from Bagozzi’s (1975) claims, since people are aware of the benefits of entering into an exchange, it can be hypothesized that the exchange transaction is pursued based on selfish motives. Thereby, presenting the idea that the underlying rationale for the exchange is prodded by selfish motivation – my own self-interests, my benefit (Luck, 1974; Andreasen, 1993; Hastings & Saren, 2003). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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