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International Marketing: a Cross-Cultural Perspective - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “International Marketing: a Cross-Cultural Perspective” the author looks at the reality, which has shifted from nationalized firms to international companies working beyond borders. The world, today, has become fast. People require immediate transactions that save their time and effort…
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International Marketing: a Cross-Cultural Perspective
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Extract of sample "International Marketing: a Cross-Cultural Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages Economic change and political fluctuations in one country affect the other. This is because companies operate now in a complex system of networks and subsidiaries that any change in one affects the other. People too are more informed today then they were before and this has altered the way of life of the people. The world is becoming more homogenous in nature. Consumers’ demands and needs in one locality soon becomes the need of the other. Technology has altered our way of lives. The fashion statement in one country, within days, changes the style and dressing in the other country. Communication and technological advancement are the causes of such homogeneity in the world. Therefore, companies are not opting for product sales in one particular locality but they soon have to prepare for fulfilling the needs of the wider audiences and consumers, living far from their actual site of production.
From product formation to sales, marketing plays an important role in the overall economy of the company. For quality product formation, identifying buying resources, selling the final product, locating the potential customer and sustaining the loyal ones, companies need good marketing tactics to handle the changing demands and profitability in the end. In this competitive environment, without efficient consideration over marketing and advertising strategy, a company’s survival will be difficult (Joshi, p. 1, 2008). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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International Marketing: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Dissertation.
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