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Marketing Research: Conducting Cross Cultural Research - Essay Example

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Marketing research: conducting cross cultural research Contents Contents 2 The Adapted Etic and Linked Emic Approach 3 Adapted Etic Approach 3 Linked Emic Approach 3 Issues in Regards to Two Countries 4 Resolution of the Problems Surrounding the Two Countries 5 References 7 The Adapted Etic and Linked Emic Approach Adapted Etic Approach The Adapted Etic Approach is found to be a modification of the Etic based Approach that signifies universality of approach indifferent of the differences underlying different cultural and geographical territories…
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Marketing Research: Conducting Cross Cultural Research
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"Marketing Research: Conducting Cross Cultural Research"

Download file to see previous pages Adapted Etic Approach acts as a modified extension to Etic Approach in only focusing to fit into the different cultural or situational settings but rather aims to draw similarities than differences in regards to making comparisons amongst the different countries or situational contexts. Thus any detailed study pertaining to differences of cultures and tastes and thereby to design theoretical constructs and models accordingly is not taken into consideration. The theoretical constructs, models and thoughts are prepared in regards to the base country rather than on the differences in the cultural and linguistic settings of the different regions. This view is thereby seemingly criticised owing to the enhancement of the factor of biasness duly involved for conducting the research based on the home country (Douglas and Craig, 2005, p.15-16). Linked Emic Approach The Emic Approach on the contrary focuses on highlighting the differences pertaining to the different regions in regards to socio-cultural and linguistic elements. However like the above element of biasness as in regards to the Adapted Etic Approach the Emic Approach alone suffers from difference of perspectives in regards to the pattern of research conducted by the different market research people. Working based on a construction of a hypothesis and questionnaires based on such in regards to the different countries or regions reflecting cultural and linguistic differences create a difference of opinion between the market researchers. The difference of perception and ideology gets enhanced in regards to the activity of translating key words related to the questionnaires to fit into the linguistic architecture of the different regions. Difference in the level of perception involved thereby contributes to the element of distortion in understanding the focus of the different questions and thereby disturbs the research activity. Thus the Linked Emic Approach requires the researchers involved in studying the research variables in regards to different cultural or regional settings to arrive at a consensus and thereby to devise research questions accordingly (Douglas and Craig, 2005, p.16-17). Issues in Regards to Two Countries The potency of the problem related to market research can be understood in regards to an example where research was ought to be conducted to study the lives of women in Arab countries. The research to be conducted in regards to the consumer mindset of the Arab women in relation to the purchase of beauty products suffered from serious back draw owing to certain salient points that are highlighted as follows. Firstly the market research activity failed to focus on the cultural ideology in regards to the Arabian countries where consumerism is concealed by religious and social sentiments from the eyes of expatriates and people of their own nationalities. Secondly the problem emanates owing to linguistic barriers in regards to the communication activities of the market research group with the potential target markets. Other than linguistic differ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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