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The present paper investigates the impact of cross-cultural communication on the management of construction projects in the UAE. Reportedly, business culture, on the other hand, stems out from the national culture where wider cultural codes for behavior are further specified in business contexts…
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Cross-Cultural Communication in the Management
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Download file to see previous pages In a progressively international construction market, communication problems will pose as one of the most crucial tests facing construction project managers. Having said that, the researcher recognized that an understanding of the importance and impacts of cross-cultural communication and the means by which it can be managed will provide the capacity to meet and get past these challenges; therefore justifying the need to study it.
It consists of the effective rules for doing business, the boundaries between competitive and unethical behavior and the codes of conduct in business dealings.
Business cultures differ and are affected by different cultural priorities and what is acceptable and allowable by society. This kind or culture is not immune to collision and that they particularly do so in the context of a foreign environment where business and cultural priorities differ from one’s own way of doing things.
In addition, an integrated cultural framework is going to be devised so as to pinpoint the major differences in culture. To summarize, international project management necessitates an effective process regarding communication assessment.
Tone identified several areas wherein varied cultures play a part in project management. He noted two situations that if not taken seriously and not dealt with will cause cultural difficulties. The first scenario is where a Canadian project manager for example and a manager in China, manage a construction bridge in a particular country which is both not their own.
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