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Methods of Enquiry - - International Ethics Conflicts - Research Proposal Example

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The purpose for this research is to analyse the outcomes of the various strategies that are used by the company to resolve organisational ethical conflicts. The literature review suggests that one of the best ways of analysing the purpose is given by Hamilton, Knouse, Hill model…
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Methods of Enquiry - Research Proposal - International Ethics Conflicts
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Download file to see previous pages The research can be conducted in a mixed method approach by conducting survey over the employees and their responses helps to determine the organization’s work ethics. The employees are expected to respond on a rating of five points regarding their views about the performance of the organization. The literature review suggests the views of various researches regarding the ethical conflict management. An organization faces a number of challenges and conflicts and it is very important to resolve these conflicts otherwise the company would have to run at a loss and the ultimate option that the company would have is to shut down. Thus it is expected that the organization hires efficient managers who are capable of resolving the conflicts and maintain the company’s reputation in the market.
As a result of Globalisation, several countries vary in various aspects. For example, the countries have diverse cultural, economical, social, ethical and linguistic backgrounds that can lead to ethical conflicts among the multinational companies (Hamilton, Knouse and Hill, 2009). Diversity in culture among various employees of different companies can result in conflicts regarding their views that can prove to be risky for the company’s reputation in the market. Cross cultural variations dealing with behaviour, norms, values, etiquette of various employees and workforce may have a huge impact on the company’s growth prospect (Patel, Harrison and McKinnon, 2002). The behavioural ethics determines the company’s management styles and the work culture.
In order to achieve success and maintain corporate image, the company should follow its business ethics. It provides various guidelines for maintaining an ethical relationship with other organizations (Patel, Harrison and McKinnon, 2002; Voigt, 2009). The conflicts that may arise are the clashes in business and among the employees who try to dominate within the organization (Reidenberg, 2000). An unethical behaviour ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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