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Protection Of Children From The Advertising - Research Paper Example

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Kids are literally assaulted from morning to night since the ad industry targets them in their homes, schools, and all avenues in between. The paper "Protection Of Children From The Advertising" discusses the bad influences of advertising upon the children…
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Protection Of Children From The Advertising
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Extract of sample "Protection Of Children From The Advertising"

Download file to see previous pages An expert on marketing to children, Professor James U. McNeal, stated that “Virtually every consumer-goods industry, from airlines to zinnia-seed sellers, targets kids.” Parents and school administrators alike find it improbable to control such influences that bear upon the children.
Ironically, some advertisers exploit the children’s weaknesses to make them want and eventually buy products. For instance, the President of the Shalek Agency, Nancy Shalek told the Los Angeles Times that “Advertising at its best is making people feel that without their product, you’re a loser. Kids are very sensitive to that. If you tell them to buy something, they are resistant. But if you tell them that they’ll be a dork if they don’t, you’ve got their attention. You open up emotional vulnerabilities and it’s very easy to do with kids because they’re the most emotionally vulnerable.” (Harris)
Oliver James a psychologist stated in The Economic Times that the UK is filled with “Affluenza-afflicted consumers [ready] for marketers to play on their [ever-present] desire to constantly compare themselves negatively with others.” The “Affluenza” virus is said to be a form of ‘sickness’ that is greatly caused by materialism. A result of this illness would be depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and personality disorder. Those who are afflicted by this virus watch more television, and are more likely to be dissatisfied with their lives than those who seldom watch. When asked to compare their lives with those they see on the television, they view themselves negatively and inferior compared to these characters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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